Xperia Z Ultra: Sony explains in detail the display and the new Triluminos technology

Unlike the various LCD or SuperAMOLED by Samsung, the new Sony Xperia Z Ultra mount a display HD Triluminos with X-Reality, this is one of the most interesting features of the first Sony phablet. Are you curious to discover the display up close? the company explains it in detail on its official website.

The Triluminos display is able to give a new life to colors, thanks to proprietary technologies absent in all other devices.

A TRILUMINOS ™ display for mobile devices has been incorporated into the Xperia Z Ultra, which displays rich, lifelike colors in subtler tones and reproduces the most vivid colors, such as some shades of red, blue and green. By integrating with Sony’s unique display innovations, this technique offers a wider color gamut and a more realistic and vivid viewing experience characterized by an increased sense of depth.

There new X-Reality is able to always provide the better resolution, even in conditions where the original file is far from perfect. Everything that will be shown on the display will be analyzed and processed selectively, to be able to offer cleaner, clearer and more naturalistic images.

From low-resolution web videos to high-definition movies – thanks to Sony’s latest image engine and exclusive X-Reality technology for mobile devices, everything you see on the Xperia Z Ultra’s large display is analyzed and processed in selectively to give you clean, clear and naturalistic images. The three unique noise reduction features kick in before the enhancement you see. Sony’s intelligent display technology analyzes each image to optimize pixels, textures, contours, colors, contrast and noise, giving you the best possible viewing experience.

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In addition to this we find a more detailed overview, l‘Xperia Z Ultra it is in fact capable of displaying the 60% more than a normal smartphone, if considered as an available area of ​​the display.

Xperia Z Ultra is able to display 60% more than a normal smartphone if we consider the available display area by comparing it to smartphones with a display size of 5 or less.

Less reflection, clearer vision even under the sunand a completely black surface even when the phone is turned off.

We have eliminated a layer of air during the construction of the product, thus bringing the touch panel closer to the display. The OptiContrast ™ panel reduces glare and offers a clearer view, even in the sun, creating a single black surface when the phone is turned off.
By removing the sensor layer and integrating it into the lens, we have increased the responsiveness of the display. Your touch will be even more effective, and the experience offered by this Android smartphone even more intuitive.

If that’s not enough, the Xperia Z Ultra has one handwriting recognition functionality; this means that handwritten notes will be scanned optically and converted directly into textual elements. Finally, you can save time thanks to multitasking app that allow you to increase productivity, so you don’t waste time switching between apps.

These are the information officially released by Sony (the quotes are the descriptions you find directly on the site), what do you think? more information at this site.