Xiaomi removed from the US ‘blacklist’! Huawei’s future is still uncertain

After spending several months on the US government’s technology blacklist, Xiaomi finally reached an agreement to remove it from the set of companies banned by the US authorities.

According to recent US court records, the US Department of Defense has confirmed that removing the brand from this list would be appropriate once both parties have reached an agreement to resolve the dispute.

Specific terms and details of Xiaomi’s removal from the US blacklist will be negotiated, and a joint proposal is expected to be formalized next day. May 20th.

Xiaomi is accused of being a military company of communist China

For those who don’t remember, Xiaomi was blacklisted in the US in January this year by order of the Donal Trump administration. Among the various accusations of the technology would be the possibility of being a “communist Chinese military company”, and the ban prevented US investors from putting their money in Xiaomi.

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Xiaomi has always publicly argued that the Trump administration’s allegations were unfounded, and it even won an appeal to suspend blacklists last March.

After seeing the company expelled from the US stock exchanges, Xiaomi welcomes this news, since its shares have risen again and have passed Apple in terms of market value.

On the other side of the scale is Huawei, which will have to continue fighting to get out of this same black list of Chinese companies that supposedly seek to destabilize and promote values ​​contrary to those of American society. Looking at the silence of the US authorities in this regard, perhaps Huawei will not have the luck of Xiaomi in the near future.

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via: CNBC

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