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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3: the return of the slide mobile phone?

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3: the return of the slide mobile phone?

Xiaomi’s president has released a new image of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 on the Chinese microblogging social site Weibo.

Like the Vivo Nex, Oppo Find X, and Huawei Honor Magic 2, the Mi Mix 3 may have a slide camera. This design would allow the Mi Mix 3 to have a full-screen display.

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From the photo, it seems that the Mi Mix 3 will be the first smartphone from Xiaomi to marry the new trend of mid-2018. We are talking about the absence of the notch, screen that covers almost 100% of the front and hidden cameras by mechanical sliding.

Unlike the Vivo Nex, the camera doesn’t seem to come out of the body using a slide mechanism. Rather, looking at the photo above, it looks like Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is essentially composed of two parts: front and rear. These two parts should be separated and mutually sliding to allow the cameras to escape. To be clear, for the elderly like me, the operation should be very similar to the slide phones of about ten years ago.

What we are doing is a hypothesis, taken exclusively from the analysis of the photo. We believe that the final solution for this device does not differ much from what was stated above. In fact, the photo was published by the president of Xiaomi.

The Weibo post goes on to explain that Xiaomi hopes to launch the Mi Mix 3 in October of this year. Marketing should start a little later. These are dates related to the launch in China. As for the global market, there is no other news, we look forward to good news.