Xiaomi has spectacularly discounted headphones. Safety pin!

Today, the “singles day” or the Festival is celebrated in eastern lands, more specifically in China. 11.11. As such, Gearbest has prepared in a big way and is betting a lot on discounts for some devices. An example of this is Xiaomi’s opportunities when it comes to offering bluetooth headsets.

The use of bluetooth headsets has been very popular and in high demand. In this sense, the tech giants have made a great contribution to the development of this sector.

Xiaomi is not the leader but it has some products that are worth (if not the whole chicken) at a discount on this 11.11. Of which I highlight:

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And also a personal suggestion for true audiophiles and fans of Xiaomi and its subsidiaries, FIIL CC. They are high fidelity headphones with HiFi, 13.1 mm drivers with a three-layer titanium diaphragm housing for faithful audio reproduction.

It has a battery for 15 hours and 3 hours in continuous playback, it can be charged via USB Type-C. at the 11.11 Festival you can get the FIIL CC for about € 59

Xiaomi offers bluetooth headphones at an increasingly attractive price and with quality

No wonder I recommended FIIL headphones. It is a more premium segment that belongs to Xiaomi and that has increasingly stood out.

First for its construction materials, second for the sound quality they offer. It is not just about having it, but also about knowing what product you have on hand.

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However, in this 11.11 the honors promoted by Gearbest are divided between Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 2 and the Xiaomi Air 2 SI costs € 30 each unit. In the end, it all depends on the style of headphones you prefer to use.

Xiaomi has already given living proof that it is willing to risk a lot in all sectors of technology. Proof of this are the steps you have taken. If until now he was not known for his headphones, the truth is that he has managed to conquer his legion of fans. Of course, little by little.

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