XGIMI Halo, really the best portable projector on the market? – Review

XGIMI Halo it is a projector that I have often heard of, even as the best on the market, but will it be true?

XGIMI Halo, really the best portable projector on the market?

The projector hides inside this white monolith XGIMI Halo that I had been looking forward to trying for weeks.
The wait was not too intense because the shipment was very fast, much faster than many other Chinese products I have dealt with over the years.

Fortunately I didn’t have to pay any customsbut we have to say it clearly, this risk is there (if you buy directly from China).

The package inside contains only Halo, power supply, user manual and remote control. Attention, very serious: batteries not includedwhat a disappointment not being able to try it right away because I didn’t have any around the house.

Having overcome this initial obstacle, I was finally able to put the projector into action. But calling it a projector is reductive, it is a smart device equipped with the AndroidTV 9.0 operating system and therefore capable of doing much more than projecting a video on a surface. Listing everything it can do would be impossible, and who knows how much else I haven’t gotten to know yet. With Google and its voice assistantthe potential is endless.
Warning: the Netflix app is currently not compatiblewill come – probably – in the future.

At the level of designI find the projector rather compact (11 × 15 cm, 1.6kg), necessary due to its portability.
The realization in metal effect is a pleasure for the eyes.
This new version of Halo introduces a small stand to raise the device slightly so as to facilitate projection. Below this is the section for attaching Halo to a tripod.
On the back we find the entrances HDMI, USB and 3.5mm jack to connect other devices.

As already mentioned several times, the device is portable and therefore equipped with battery. Autonomy is not the best and my advice is to keep it close to the current. Without any help they can be reached from 2 to 4 hours of screening according to the selected brightness. If we use that maximum, it will be difficult to exceed two hours and it is a factor that certainly cannot be ignored if you want to watch a longer-than-average movie.

Still on the subject of brightness, XGIMI Halo reaches the 800 ANSIa very respectable value for a portable device.
The light beam has a declared life of 30000 hours. It goes without saying that I cannot test this data, but if we take it for real, we are talking about more than 10 years of 8 hours of daily playback.

Turning to talking about the video instead, the device plays smoothly files in 1080p and up to 300 inches in size. It is possible to project on any surface, thanks also to the possibility of changing the colors according to the background.
The output is qualitatively much better if, however, we use a projection screen, even an entry-level one for a few euros is a big step forward.
The response time is very low and I have not encountered any type of lagmaking it perfect for anyone planning on using it as a gaming station.
All in all, the image that Halo manages to create is of absolute qualitywith excellent rendering of blacks which I want to emphasize.

The system of autokeystone and 10000 point autofocus are in charge of focusing the image and I found them extremely accurate: with every movement or switch on, the image is recalibrated in an instant for a perfect rendering. It is obviously possible to carry out these two procedures manually.

The audio sector has certainly not been underestimated: the volume and the quality of the output are quite high thanks to the two 5W speakersmaking the use of a specific device optional and can even be used as a bluetooth speaker!
If you are worried about the noise produced by Halo, no problem, it is truly silent and not distracting in the slightest.


I’ve had a lot of fun these days fiddling with XGIMI Halo. You can use it in so many different ways and it never disappoints.
Personally, I find the battery the only flaw of this device, I don’t like having to use it with water in my throat because it could turn off at any moment.
Last detail, that of the price: 799 euros. Certainly they may seem like a lot at first glance, especially for the novices of the sector, but it is actually a competitive figure for a portable projector. The best on the market? Hard to say, but definitely a great quality projector.