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XGIMI Elfin, the projector always with you – REVIEW

XGIMI Elfin, the projector always with you – REVIEW

Are you looking for an easy-to-carry projector? XGIMI Elfin you can also slip it into your backpack!

XGIMI ELFIN, the projector always with you

Today we will go to the discovery of XGIMI Elfinand maybe you will remember XGIMI for some reviews like that of Halo or that of Horizon Pro.
Elfin ranks in the middle between these two products in a way that will surely confuse you: it’s fixed like Horizon, but portable like Halo.
How is this contradiction possible? Because even if it requires a power outlet, Elfin’s measures are very small. With his 900 grams And 48 x 192 x 194 mm in size, you can seriously slip it into your backpack.

We open the package and inside we find the power supply and the usual remote controller XGIMI. Once again, continuing to annoy me, AAA batteries not included.

Entirely colored in white, on the front we will find the lens projection with thirty thousand hours of guaranteed life, accompanied by sensors necessary for the autofocus and the autokeystone which we will talk about shortly.

On the back we have the HDMI 2.0 slot, the USB cable and the headphone jack.

The upper area of ​​Elfin will be instead completely bare and for any operation we will have to rely on the remote control.
On the opposite surface you can attach Elfin to a tripod or to the ceiling.
Unfortunately there is no tripod to adjust the angle.

Let’s finish assembling Elfin and turn it on; we are now faced with the setup and we will be forced to connect a Google account. I would have preferred this step to have been optional.

The installed operating system is Android TV 10a slightly modified version of Android made ad-hoc for smart TVs and projectors.
The configuration is really within everyone’s reach because it is highly automated, just a few taps will be enough to use the projector.

An important aspect to highlight about the XGIMI software is that it does not yet have the necessary license to be able to use the app Netflix. There are strategies (which you can find with a Google search) to use it, but officially it is not supported.
Except for this flaw, the OS is well managed by Elfin and the user experience is very fluid.
Connect Elfin to the Internet via WiFi, both 2.4 and 5Ghz, and you can literally use it as if it were a computer.

Now let’s talk about the most important aspect: the projection.
As with the other XGIMI products, I stayed pleasantly impressed with the quality of Elfin, at least in relation to its cost.
The maximum supported resolution is 1920 × 1080 with a frequency of 60hz and an image size expandable up to a maximum of 200 incheseven if indicatively the best quality is between 60 and 80.
The declared maximum brightness is 800 lumensslightly low for particularly bright environments.
The quality of the projected images is of good quality also thanks to two functions managed by a IA. The first allows you to automatically adjust the focuswhile the second manages the size of the projection area and it can even detect obstacles and avoid them.
The two procedures are so fast that they can be performed on-the-fly: as soon as Elfin is moved, it restarts the two processes just mentioned and restores the image in a matter of seconds.

In general i colors are vivid and accurateexcept for black, which visibly tends to gray with maximum brightness.
HDR10 + it is supported, albeit far from perfect. Image quality is positively affected if we enable this technology, but this may be subject to your personal tastes.

Accompanying the video we have a system of two integrated Harmon-Kardon 3W speakers. The audio volume is sufficiently loud and the quality is decent, although it suffers slightly in the bass performance. Audiophiles will certainly have to rely on an external device, while the average user will generally be satisfied with it.

Finally, let’s talk about price: 649 eurosa reasonable figure for all that XGIMI Elfin has to offer


Who should buy this projector? Mainly those who need a convenient to carry projector.
If you are looking for a home cinema, better spend a little more and upgrade to Horizon, or Horizon Pro if you really want to make the leap.
If you are looking for portability, Elfin is certainly a product that I can recommend