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Xbox Series X: see a size comparison with current consoles

Xbox Series X: see a size comparison with current consoles

Shortly after the announcement during the TGA, the Xbox Series X became a meme because of its size considered non-standard. However, a user of the Resetera forum created images comparing the new Microsoft console with other devices of the current generation.

Even without having the official dimensions, the comparison shows that the “cabinet” may not be as large as the majority of the public imagines. For example, vertically, the device appears to be smaller than the original Xbox One.

Image compares the vertical height of the Xbox Series X with the current generation consoles. (Source: Resetera / Reproduction)

On the other hand, the Xbox Series X is the largest in width, reaching twice the size of the original Xbox One. At the same time, compared to the original slim version of the PlayStation 4, it can only be inches wider than Sony consoles.

Another comparative image between the new Microsoft console and the current generation of video games. (Source: Resetera / Reproduction)

The comparison also placed the Xbox Series X side by side with the other consoles horizontally. In this regard, again, he is the highest in relation to video games of the current generation.

Illustrative image showing the horizontal size of the Xbox Series X in relation to current consoles. (Source: Resetera / Reproduction)

To date, Microsoft has not officially released the dimensions of the Xbox Series X. Thus, these comparative images are not entirely faithful to the actual size of the console. Still, it is already possible to imagine how much space the new console should occupy in a piece of furniture in the living room or bedroom. What’s up? Will it fit on your bookshelf?