Xbox Series S cheaper than the 250GB X360? The huge fluctuation of the dollar

Generation enters, generation enters and here we are with the eternal Brazilian dilemma: high prices. In a year of pandemic, volatile dollar and world economy in shambles, it was expected that the new consoles, read PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, arrived at the cost of the eye. But calm down.

The official prices suggested in Brazil are: R $ 4,999 for PS5 and Xbox Series X, R $ 2,999 for Xbox Series S. This basically represents a 10 x 1 account, in reais and dollars, respectively. Translating: it is as if 10 reais were equivalent to 1 dollar, because, outside, PS5 and Xbox Series X cost US $ 499 each, while the Series S costs US $ 299. Making a basic account at the mentioned reference value, we have 499 = 4,999 and 299 = 2,999.

Frustrating some and surprising others, the truth is that these values ​​- however high they are, of course – are within a balance that is below what many projected in betting. It was heard, around, R $ 6 thousand upwards. In the most pessimistic scenario possible, R $ 7 thousand and look there. Already in an optimistic contrast, some have believed R $ 4 thousand or less on the PS5 and Xbox Series X or R $ 2,500 down on the Xbox Series S.


Source: Microsoft / Disclosure

That said, let’s look at some accounts that show how the Xbox Series S, specifically, is cheaper – in dollar conversion – than the Xbox 360 250GB in Brazil, given, of course, the proper proportions and fluctuations of the American currency, real and inflation over the years.

Real and dollar: arm wrestling

The presence of the Xbox brand in Brazilian territory began on December 1, 2006, when the Xbox 360 of just 20GB was launched for R $ 2,999. Subsequently, an updated version with a 60GB HD was made available. In the United States, the figure was $ 400.

Look: we are talking about 2006, when the dollar was traded for around R $ 2.20. Today, 2020, with the American currency in the range of R $ 5.40 to R $ 5.50 (at the time of this publication), the Xbox Series S costs US $ 299 abroad and R $ 2,999 in Brazil. But take it easy, we haven’t reached the main account yet.

Xbox 360Source: Reproduction

Thanks to the support that Microsoft gave the brand here – with the right to local manufacture of the devices – the Xbox 360 eventually cheapened, reaching its “peak” of the low price in 2011, when the dollar came to cost R $ 1.75. At the time, the 4GB Xbox 360 was marketed for R $ 799, while the 250GB model sold R $ 1,099.

The R $ 1,099 for the 250GB Xbox 360 represented, at the time, $ 628. The S Series, for R $ 2,999, represents, today, look, the equivalent of 555 dollars

This is where the magic happens: in dollars, this R $ 1,099 represents US $ 628. See: 628 x 1,75 = 1,099. You can do the math there on the calculator. The Xbox Series S will be launched at a time when the dollar, in Brazil, is quoted at R $ 5.40. The official value of the console is R $ 2,999. In dollars, do you know how much that becomes? Look: $ 555. Well 555 x 5.40 = 2,997. Two reais less, inclusive.

In a nutshell, let’s chew some more:

  • The Xbox Series S costs the equivalent of US $ 555 in Brazil;
  • The 250GB Xbox 360 of a decade ago came out, in dollars, for $ 628 around here.

This “phenomenon” happened in isolation with the Series S.

Xbox Series SSource: Disclosure / Microsoft

In the name of transparency, we will present the conversions of the other consoles of the brand:

  • Xbox One fat: the console was launched in Brazil for R $ 2,299 in 2013, when the dollar was quoted at R $ 2.30. In dollars, this means $ 1,000 (2.30 x 1,000 = 2,300);
  • Xbox One S: the device arrived in the country for R $ 2,199 to a dollar traded for R $ 3.15. In American currency, this represents US $ 698 (3.15 x 698 = 2,198);
  • Xbox One X: is the most expensive system in this math. It was launched in Brazil for R $ 3,999, with a dollar worth R $ 3.30. In that currency, the value translates to US $ 1,212 (3.30 x 1,212 = 3,999);
  • Xbox Series X: Microsoft’s high-end console arrives in Brazil costing R $ 4,999 at the most salty level of the dollar: R $ 5.40. In the American figure, this means US $ 926 (5.40 x 926 = 5,000);

Xbox One XSource: Disclosure / Microsoft

  • Xbox Series S: we arrived at the model cheaper than the Xbox 360 250GB, within this account that we are proposing. Let’s calculate again: the Series S comes to the country for R $ 2,999, right? The dollar is quoted at R $ 5.40, correct? In the US currency, this represents $ 555 (5.40 x 555 = 2,997).

What did you think of the prices?

This is just one of the countless scenarios that can be plotted based on inflation, fluctuation of the dollar and the pricing of each device throughout history. It is one of the calculations to be made – by the way, with a very interesting result.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will launch on November 10 this year. In Brazil, the devices still do not have an exact day, but Microsoft guaranteed the presence of both in November and said it will announce the date at the end of October. The company even highlighted 30 games that will be optimized for the new consoles on the day of launch.

Reflecting on the current context in the world and in the economy, how do you assess the prices announced for the new generation in Brazil, in general? Do you intend to adopt the consoles as soon as they leave or will you wait? Report below, in the comments section.