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World in Conflict coming to PS3 and PSP consoles

World in Conflict coming to PS3 and PSP consoles

After the announcement of Red Alert 3 also for PlayStation Portable And PS3another major RTS video game arrives on consoles Sony PSP. Yes, it is World in Conflict, developed by Massive Entertainment and recognized as one of the best exponents of its genre. World in Conflict PlayStation 3 and Portable versions will be released next autumn along with the XBox 360 version.

The arrival of World in Conflict for Sony consoles it was already expected for the beginning of 2008 but the delay says the manufacturer is due to the inclusion of new material and extras added to both the single Player and Multiplayer modes with new missions, levels and units not present in the original for Pc. This content, however, will also be made available on PC via an expansion.

The console versions of World in Conflict are developed by Massive in collaboration with Swordfish Studios, a subsidiary of Sìerra as well as Massive. They will be adapted to the hardware and interfacing characteristics of the respective consoles.

Martin Tremblay, president of Sìerra Entertainment, said that “World in Conflict on consoles will be an interesting extension of what has already been seen on PC. On PSP and PlayStation 3, World in Conflict will be profoundly renewed with exclusive features and new single player content and multiplayer “.