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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Weapons Guide

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Weapons Guide

Bethesda today revealed everything there is to know about the weapons that can be mastered during the Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus campaign. Below are the details for each single weapon with attached image.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – The weapons present in the game

Accept: slice the enemy

In Blazkowicz’s hands, the hatchet can have two functions. First, it can smash supply crates and other obstacles – that is, do exactly what it was designed to do as a firefighting tool. However, BJ is engaged in an anti-**** operation and for this reason he uses this edged weapon to kill silently … or brutally.
Why only one? Over the course of The New Colossus, BJ will occasionally come across entire stacks of hatchets. These extra hatchets can act as silent but deadly throwing weapons with which to take down unsuspecting ***** from afar… or have the last word in a firefight if the shippers cry misery. Finally, hatchets uprooted from the corpses of fallen enemies are reusable, rewarding BJ’s throwing prowess with at least one more free opportunity to take down another ****.

Pistol – reliable and ready

Easy to use (and even easier to keep charged, as dead **** commanders leave ammo on the ground in large quantities), the pistol is a reliable secondary weapon suitable for close range combat. Despite the humble appearance, especially when compared to the larger guns in BJ’s arsenal, the gun is able to easily dispose of all non-armored enemies with just a few well-placed shots. Its efficiency increases with the Extended Magazine (more shots) and Magnum (more damage) upgrades.
Shhhh! When it comes to saving ammo (or simply taking unsuspecting enemies by surprise), there are few better solutions in The New Colossus than a silenced pistol. With the Silencer upgrade, the pistol becomes practically an essential tool for stealth assaults, with which you can take out ***** from a distance without triggering alarms.

Maschinenpistole – fast and powerful

Sometimes, in firefights, efficiency cannot be based on the concept of “one shot, one life” but must refer to that of “shoot as much as you can”. In these cases, BJ has at his disposal the Maschinenpistole, a light machine gun with an impressive rate of fire. Few weapons can clear a room as quickly as a Maschinenpistole (or two) in BJ’s hand
Some like it hot. Like the pistol, the Maschinenpistole can also be equipped with the Full Silencer upgrade to perform stealth kills. But if BJ doesn’t want to have such problems, he can always resort to the Nail Gun upgrade, which is an overheated barrel that fires incandescent bullets to make every single shot even more… burning for the enemy!

Sturmgewehr: power and precision

Normally used by the **** elite, this automatic rifle comes in handy for neutralizing enemies just beyond the firing range of weapons that work best at close range. Add the Piercing Ammo and Jungle Cartridges upgrades and this high caliber shotgun will be particularly effective against toughest enemies and in ranged combat.
Distance won’t be a problem. When the distance between BJ and the enemy is considerable, the Precision Scope can come in handy. Once this splendid sight is activated, the Sturmgewehr becomes a semi-automatic shotgun, more powerful and accurate.

Schockhammer: Like a shotgun, but three times more powerful

Shotgun very… Wolfensteinian, the Schockhammer adds an unexpected twist to the shotgun concept. Literally. Equipped with not one, not two, but three rotating barrels that automatically unload lead when a barrage with great stopping power is needed, the Schockhammer is BJ’s weapon of choice
Bouncing bullets. The Rebound boost allows Schockhammer shots to bounce off hard surfaces, allowing BJ to take out enemies hiding behind corners or behind cover or trapped in confined spaces with what could only be described as a “Schock-billiard shot”.

Kampfpistole: a rocket launcher from another world

The Kampfpistole represents The New Colossus’ version of the concept “it may be small, but it can hurt you very, very badly”. Despite its small size, in fact, the Kampfpistole is very serious, being basically a grenade launcher disguised as a pistol. A single shot is capable of blasting an entire squad of **** soldiers (or rather, what’s left of them) in all directions.
Rocket man. Although the Kampfpistole normally fires its projectiles in an arc trajectory, BJ can choose to shoot at zero elevation with the Rocket power-up: if activated, the shots fired from this powerful weapon will cross the air in a straight line, as if BJ had in hand a single-handed missile launcher. With this upgrade, the bullets also explode on impact, allowing BJ to immediately enjoy the final pyrotechnic guaranteed by the exploded *****.

Laserkraftwerk: it is not just for cutting grates

Bombs and bullets are fine, but there is something extremely satisfying about vaping a **** that is hard to put into words. While we try, BJ can meanwhile do it by pulling the trigger of the Laserkraftwerk, already seen in Wolfenstein: The New Order. Available in the Fergus timeline (i.e. if you choose Fergus over Wyatt), with its darts of pure supercharged energy, the Laserkraftwerk can pulverize even the toughest of armor.
Big and loaded. As hard as it is to believe, the power output of the Laserkraftwerk can be further increased with an upgrade. Once modified with Supercharge, in fact, BJ just needs to hold the trigger to charge and then release a very powerful energy beam. The important thing is that BJ remembers not to hold the trigger too long, or the gun’s electric battery could run out.

Dieselkraftwerk: bombs, bombs, bombs!

If you choose Wyatt’s chronology (instead of Fergus’s), instead of the Laserkraftwerk you can count on the Dieselkraftwerk, which aims not so much to vaporize the ***** with precision, but by combustion: with its charges full of fuel that can be detonated at a distance, it is possible make the ***** fall into intricate traps, or simply attack them with a charge to be blown up on command. Any form of spectacular destruction is welcome.
Why wait? As effective (and fun as it is) to set traps, there are times when BJ doesn’t have time to wait for the ***** to bite on his traps. Once the Fire Mouth upgrade is unlocked, BJ will be able to ignite the charges of the Dieselkraftwerk immediately, effectively transforming this delayed detonation weapon into a grenade launcher ready to rain napalm on enemies in an instant.

Handgranate: a poisoned ball… explosive!

Deadly enemy of enemies locked in tight spaces, in large groups or very slow, the Handgranate is what it takes to give any fight that little bit more. By tossing it to the right place at the right time, BJ can clear out an entire room full of ***** in one fell swoop. That said, the real fun begins as soon as you start using the upgrade kits …
One and three. While not a conventional firearm, BJ can equip the Handgranate with upgrades that make it even more lethal. With the Shards upgrade, for example, making it a fragmentation weapon, BJ can tear the ***** to shreds. The Diesel boost, on the other hand, ignites the surrounding air, while the EMP boost launches a pulse capable of neutralizing any electronic device. And yes, BJ can also activate all three upgrades at the same time, turning each Handgranate into an EMP fragmentation incendiary grenade!

Heavy Weapons: Powerful Tools

Brought to the battlefield by the menacing SuperSoldaten of The New Colossus, these powerful military tools add another ace to Blazkowicz’s deck of anti-**** killing techniques … as long as he first stole them from the super-gorillas in their possession, eliminating them.
While too bulky to fit into BJ’s inventory or to use two at a time, these two-handed weapons are unmatched in terms of power. Among them are the Lasergewehr, capable of melting metals and ***** indifferently, the very fast and incandescent Dieselgewehr and the Hammergewehr, which somehow manages to surpass even the Schockhammer with its four (yes, four!) Barrels in focus quick.
One weapon to dominate them all. Those looking for the best in terms of **** disinfestation cannot fail to yearn for the use of the Übergewehr, the incredible encounter between devastating firepower, the combustibility of diesel and the energy of a laser concentrated in a single beam for carnage. insured.
Like any reputable ****-killer, BJ is tempted to prove the extraordinary power of the Übergewehr but, to do so, he will first have to eliminate in combat the Zerstörer units that are equipped with them (in double copies, too). Sure, the feat isn’t easy, but hey, that’s exactly why BJ has all those other weapons at his disposal!

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will be released on October 27, 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, with the Nintendo Switch version scheduled for 2018.