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Will Xiaomi Mi 5 be equipped with Force Touch technology?

Will Xiaomi Mi 5 be equipped with Force Touch technology?

Xiaomi has always been one of the smartphone manufacturers in step with the times, knowing how to evolve and making its generation of products evolve in step with the latest technology trends.

One of the most interesting innovations introduced this year in the field of mobile devices is certainly the Force Touch, which has found rapid adoption first through Apple and then with Android smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei. Xiaomi will not be taken aback and, according to the latest rumors, will equip its next top of the range, Mi 5, with this innovative technology.

As you surely already know, the Force Touch technology allows the smartphone to recognize the pressure of our finger on the display through the screen itself, allowing the use of different functions in very fast way. Obviously, in order to have a perfect integration between display and functionality, Xiaomi will have to work thoroughly on its MIUI, as the interface, and in general the entire operating system, will have to be shaped from scratch so that the two souls of the terminal can work. in perfect symbiosis.

At the moment, however, the information on Xiaomi Mi 5 is very little, as the Chinese house has been really good at keeping the company secret. The main doubt that afflicts us technology lovers certainly concerns the processor, as we do not know if we will have Qualcomm’s much-criticized octa-core SoC, Snapdragon 810or if the opponent’s solution is chosen, then theHelio X20 by Mediatek. Furthermore, the official arrival date on the market of this new device of the Chinese house is still completely unknown, but a launch is expected by the end of this 2015. The excitement for the arrival of this smartphone is growing exorbitantly, as evidenced by the increase in rumors about it, but we are sure that we will be fully satisfied with this Xiaomi Mi5. What do you think of it? Write it to us in the commendas!