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WiiU: Guide to making and sharing screenshots


WiiU: Guide to making and sharing screenshots

Did you know that on the Nintendo WiiU Is it possible to take screenshots from the gamepad or TV and share them on social networks? Just like it happens on Playstation 4 but in a different way. Today we are here to share with you how to do it.

Take a screenshot on the WiiU

To capture the screen from the TV or Gamepad, just press the HOME button on the controller, the image will remain in memory until you press the Home button again. To share, just open your browser, go to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or the social network on which you want to share them and click on upload photos.

You will see a screen appear with the two images (TV and gamepad) once you have decided on the image, all you have to do is plug on the charge and wait. Easy isn’t it? The procedure is slightly longer and more complex than that offered by Sony on PS4 but at least you can share the best moments in gaming with the network or your friends.

We take this opportunity to inform you that for now on Xbox One it is not yet possible to take screenshots, we do not know if this possibility will be introduced in future updates, we just have to wait to find out, in the meantime have fun immortalizing your gameplay on WiiU with the our guide.