WhatsApp changes interface for calls

Whatsapp is implementing a new user interface for audio and video callsmaking it easy to add new participants and join an ongoing group call.

The latest beta update introduced a new user interface inspired by FaceTime. Buttons are now more noticeable with a ccombination of bright white colors. The end call button has been moved to the bottom row and is now next to those for audio, microphone and video. Swiping up from the bottom line displays the button Add participantthis makes it easy to add new people to call while holding the device comfortably in one hand.

Another useful improvement in the latest beta is the ability to join group calls after they have started. For example, if someone invited you to a group call and you missed or ignored the ring, WhatsApp will now show you a banner “tap to join”In the“ Calls ”tab to quickly join the group call. The new UI is featured in the latest WhatsApp beta update for Android and iOS