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What is WiFi 6 really for?

What is WiFi 6 really for?

With few exceptions, all new technology improves the previous. If we talk about WiFi 6, this standard of wireless networks promises that your wireless network, home or professional, will perform much better than the one you currently have using WiFi 5. The main novelties, simplifying, focus on four areas: speed, simultaneous connections, energy consumption and the possibility of accessing the most demanding online services without interruptions or other problems. All this thanks to a WiFi 6 router and compatible devices.

So whether your current connection is working properly or you’ve been waiting for a substantial improvement in terms of speed and coverage As far as it is concerned, it is very likely that making the leap to WiFi 6 will bring you benefits in the short, medium and long term. And it is that whether your connected devices are compatible with WiFi 6 as if they are with WiFi 5, the transition between both standards can be done staggered and unhurried.

Next, we will review each of the news that Wi Fi 6 brings to your wireless network and various practical examples about how having a WiFi 6 router and compatible devices connected to your network can benefit you.

The main novelties of WiFi 6

Whether or not you have heard the news that the WiFi 6 standard brings, it is worth reviewing them and seeing how it affects you. And it is that nobody is bitter about a sweet, such as, for example, the following improvements with respect to WiFi 5, the one that you are surely using right now in your home.

More speed: With a WiFi 6 router you can reach speeds of up to 4 Gbps. That is, you can hire 1Gbps speeds without problems, those currently offered on the market, and be prepared for the nearest future.

More coverageNote: If you’re having trouble connecting your devices to your current router and/or getting your contracted speed, a WiFi 6 router may solve part of that problem. More than anything because WiFi 6 coverage distributes the available bandwidth better. And a router with this technology has more and more efficient antennas to deal with connected devices.

More connected devices: before you connected the computer and the smartphone to the WiFi. Now, virtually any electronic device has the ability to connect to the Internet to download information, synchronize data, etc. so for manage all those devicesa WiFi 6 router will do better than current routers.

Less energy consumption: an important issue, considering the price of electricity. Precisely, what consumes the most energy from a connected device is its wireless connection. In other words, on a smartphone, they consume mobile data and/or WiFi. The Wi Fi 6 standard requires less battery or access to the electrical network.

More security: To access your wireless network you need a password, which is usually quite long. The standard that regulates that password is currently WPA 2. In a WiFi 6 router, the standard is new, WPA 3, more secure. This means it will be more difficult for them to access your network if they don’t have the router password.

These are, broadly speaking, the new features of WiFi 6. Now let’s see what does it translate to for what you can do with your connected devices at home or in the office.

What will I be able to do with a WiFi 6 router?

In today’s Internet the king is video. Services like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram either TikTok they store and broadcast hours and hours of video for all of us to share with friends and acquaintances.

And what about the internet tv. Today many watch series, movies, documentaries and cartoons when and where they want. From the television, from your smartphone or directly on the computer. Free or paying. Platforms like Movistar Plus+, Netflix, Prime Video either hbo max are some examples of the large amount of video that travels through the Internet. And it’s not just the amount of video. This video is offered in qualities such as HD (720p), FullHD (1080p) or 4K/HD (2160p), which implies a larger amount of data sent at full speed to avoid unintentional cuts, crashes or pixelation. With a WiFi 6 Router, quality is not compromised.

To this must be added the online game. The most played games have a central online component, where you have to play with or against other players. And so that the games are fair and the experience does not suffer, the connections between players and game server They must be immediate. Or in slang, without lag.

Another use of the Internet on the rise. Both to study and to work or simply to connect with the family, wherever you are. The video calls require a considerable bandwidth and stable connections such as those provided by the WiFi 6 standard. Or what is the same. With a WiFi 6 router, it is more difficult for the connection to drop if someone is on a video call while another person is watching something on Netflix.

But there is more. Thanks to WiFi 6 we are ready to access emerging services that require high bandwidth. I am referring to services such as virtual reality or telemedicine. In addition, with the new standard, your network of smart devices can be extended to an infinite number of simultaneous devices. connected to your voice assistant.

In summary, having a WiFi 6 router and compatible devices is a improved wireless connections for current uses and will allow you to make the leap to other more demanding services in the use of bandwidth without you having to do anything.