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What is the WPS WiFi button on your Movistar Router for?

What is the WPS WiFi button on your Movistar Router for?

Accessing the WiFi of your Movistar Router is very easy. You can scan the QR code integrated in the router itself or simply enter the password manually. But if you want to connect devices via WiFi connection quickly and conveniently, you can take advantage of WPS WiFi functionality.

WPS is the acronym for WiFi Protected Setup, in Spanish WiFi Protected Installation. This functionality, which integrates your Movistar Router, will help you to connect wirelessly pressing a couple of buttons instead of typing the usual alphanumeric password. This will save you time and effort if you connect devices on a regular basis.

WPS WiFi will be very practical if you regularly connect new devices to your WiFi network. You will save yourself having to enter the long alphanumeric code constantly. Simply pressing a button, you will have access to the Internet without cables from your router permanently. And then you will see those connected devices from the Smart WiFi app or from your Living App.

WPS WiFi on your Movistar Router

To activate the WPS WiFi function you must press the corresponding button on your router. Specifically, on your Movistar Router you will find this button on the back of it, between the button Reset and Ethernet inputs. What’s more, you will find two buttons, depending on whether you want to access your Wifi 2.4 GHz or your Wi FiPlus 5 GHz. Depending on the type of device and use you make of it, one or the other will suit you.

To activate WPS WiFi you must press one of the two buttons less than five seconds. Holding the button down longer will turn WiFi or WiFi Plus off. If you turn it off by mistake, pressing again for several seconds will turn it back on.

Once the WPS WiFi button is pressed, the WiFi or WiFi Plus light or LED will blink for a few seconds. This indicates that you can connect to the Movistar Router using that functionality. Specific, you will have 120 seconds to pair the device with the router. Then will be deactivated until you press the button again.

Connecting devices instantly

In order for the pairing to take place, you will need to press the WPS button on the device to connect. If all goes well, the WiFi LED light will stop flashing. If the connection is not successful, the WPS indicator on your router will show a red light for 20 seconds.

If it doesn’t work at first, you can repeat as many times as you want. Please note that the device to be connected must also support WPS WiFi functionality. You will know it because it has a WPS button or similar.

The funcionality Wi Fi WPS It is designed to connect printers, scanners, signal repeaters such as the Movistar Smart WiFi Amplifier, security cameras and other devices. If what you want is connect a smartphone or a computerIt is better to use the traditional method.

Advantages and disadvantages

We have already seen that leveraging technology Wi Fi WPS It is a great advantage in terms of connecting peripherals and various electronic devices in a matter of seconds and without the need to write down the password. We are talking about devices that do not allow scanning the QR code of the Movistar Router, so the connection takes more time.

Activating the function Wi Fi WPSit will take less time to link devices with your Router.

But everything good has something bad. dodrawbacks? Keep in mind that easy is sometimes not safe. when you press the button Wi Fi WPS you are opening the doors to any device to access your WiFi without a password. That door stays open for 120 seconds, so do not abuse of the Wi Fi WPS function.