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Welcome space

Welcome space

Well yes, Sony has decided to introduce trophies also in the welcome space of PSVITAin this way convinces the players or at least those who love to unlock trophies, in doing all the tutorials present on the console.

Each tutorial has different trophies to unlock, below we offer you the complete list of trophies of the welcome space:

Ace of the Welcome Space
Collect all the trophies of the Welcome Space!

Welcome Space Award
Try all the Welcome Space tutorials

Prize Hunt for the figure
Complete Digit Hunt within 1 minute

Prize Hunt for the figure with Touch
Complete a level with Digit Hunting Touch within 30 seconds

Prize Hunt for the figure with Tap and Drag
Complete a Swipe and Drag level of Digit Hunt within 20 seconds

Digit Hunt Award with Back Touch
Complete a back-tap level of Digit Hunt within 20 seconds

Photopuzzle prize 15 pieces
Complete a 15 piece Photopuzzle puzzle within 50 seconds

Photopuzzle prize 14 pieces
Complete a 14 piece Photopuzzle puzzle within 40 seconds

8-piece Photopuzzle Award
Complete an 8 piece Photopuzzle puzzle within 30 seconds

Photopuzzle prize 7 pieces
Complete a 7 piece Photopuzzle puzzle within 20 seconds

Skate Axis Award
Get 500 points in Skate Axis

Music Award, maestro!
Create 20 sound balls in Music, master!

Hello Face Award
Use Hello Face to give away 3 faces