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Vodafone, new adjustments for some offers: increases up to € 3


Vodafone, new adjustments for some offers: increases up to € 3

Vodafone has officially announced that, from 20 May, some of its offers will undergo cost changes.

Vodafone remodeling for some mobile network offers from 20 May

Below, we report the press release issued by the company:

“As of May 20, 2022, the cost of some rechargeable mobile phone offers will increase from € 0.50 to € 3 per month. From 19 April 2022, Vodafone customers affected by this contractual change will be informed in detail via SMS and will be able to receive more information by calling the freephone number 42590 or by contacting customer service 190.

In parallel, those services that allow customers to be always reachable, such as the answering machine, the call me service and the continuity of service in case of credit run out, will be made free of charge.

The Giga included will also increase, to adapt the offers to the growing consumption needs and reduce the risk of running out of available data traffic and the consumption of Giga beyond the threshold. All the additional minutes, SMS, Giga options for which up to now were paid separately will also be disabled and the related costs will be eliminated and the monthly cost of the SIM plan will also be eliminated, where applicable.

Customers who do not want to accept the contractual changes, pursuant to art. 98 septies decies, paragraph 5 of the Legislative Decree 1 August 2003 n. 259, of Resolution 519/15 / CONS and of the General Contract Conditions, may withdraw from the contract or switch to another operator, keeping their number, without penalties or deactivation costs within 60 days of receiving the SMS, specifying the reason for the withdrawal “Amendment of the contractual conditions”.

The right of withdrawal can be exercised on voda.it/disdettalineamobile, in Vodafone stores, by sending a registered letter with return receipt to Vodafone Customer Service, P.O.Box 190 – 10015 Ivrea (TO), by writing via PEC to [email protected] or by calling Customer Service at 190 or 42590, specifying the reason indicated above. Any residual installments relating to activation or device costs associated with the offers will be paid with the same frequency and with the same payment method previously indicated.

Alternatively, customers can request payment in a single solution, indicating it in the withdrawal request.

This change is part of an overall simplification initiative of Vodafone’s offers to make them more transparent and responsive to the needs of its customers “

At the moment, we do not have precise information on which Vodafone offerings will be involved in this further reshaping process.