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Video guide to the new Rainbow Six Siege Glitches

Video guide to the new Rainbow Six Siege Glitches

There is no doubt that Rainbow Six Siege is the most talked about game of the moment, due to the numerous problems with servers, bugs and glitches at will. Today we want to offer you a video guide with all the best glitches of the game, some of which have already been solved by Ubisoft.

Rainbow Six Siege’s best glitches

We decided to collect old and new glitches in a single video to show you how TROLLOSO (let the term escape us) Rainbow Six Siege and how it never actually came out of the “Alpha or Beta” phase, arriving on the market with serious problems ( we’re talking about unstable servers) and glitches or bugs that allow trollers to easily win online matches at the expense of honest players.

Among the new glitches we find:

Today we also want to offer you drone strategies, tips that could be useful for staying hidden and at the same time avoiding being destroyed. The shared glitches are to protect you and therefore be careful of those who might use them, we do not favor cheaters but as they say the best weapon to fight them is to know their moves.

Below we propose the video that contains all of them the best Rainbow Six Siege glitches, including the most recent that have not yet been resolved by Ubisoft and therefore they are also active with the recent update, we would like to clarify that due to the songs present the video may not be accessible in your area or from mobile devices: