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USA: Nintendo sells used consoles

USA: Nintendo sells used consoles

In the USA, we have received news that Nintendo began selling used consoles to consumers with a one-year warranty. When you go to the store, you can decide whether to buy a new console or a refurbished one, that is, clean, tested, checked and fully functional but at a reduced cost.

As they mean, crisis is crisis. How many times have you sent your 3DS under warranty and received a new 3DS as a package? The question arises, and what happened to yours? Simple, it remained in the service center to be fixed over time and sold as used or better reconditioned.

There is a difference between used and refurbished, used is a product that has passed into the hands of other consumers and you do not know the extent of operation or the problems it could have, the refurbished instead, is a product that has been checked and fixed by technicians at hardware or software level. Buying a refurbished one in the USA will give you 1 year of warranty, so if the console has any problems during this period, you can always get another one or return it, while the new one as you know offers an extra year of warranty.

As they mean, the crisis is crisis, and Nintendo must somehow get out of it. Apparently not only the 3DS but also the Dsi Xl is on sale at a slightly lower cost.

Below is the list with products and prices: