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Umd dump guide

Umd dump guide


-umddump 0.2

– usb cable

-umd disk

First download the umd dump archive, create a work folder on the pc and copy the concat.exe file there, now copy the two cards (% and not) in the game folder of the psp. Then insert the umd and start umddump now in based on the capacity of the disk and your memory you will have two solutions:

– if there is enough space it will create the disk iso by itself

– if there is not enough space the program will stop automatically, advising you to CUT the file you just created (UMD000) and copy it to the work folder you created earlier on your PC. now click on home and go to usb mode and copy and cut the file. Once the file has been cut, go back to launch UMD DUMP, which will ask you if you want to proceed with the previous dump or cancel the operation. . Now run the concat.bat file making sure the executable is present.

Now you will find a nice ISO ready to be played …… Good job