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TYLT VU: wireless charger with “Free positioning” technology

TYLT VU: wireless charger with “Free positioning” technology

TYLT is an American company specializing in charging, audio, device protection and more solutions that is targeting web users for the second time to complete a new project via Kickstarter. Let’s find out together what it is.

After having abundantly reached the goal set for the construction of one last April backpack able to recharge smartphones and tablets, TYLT tries it out in the field of charging wireless Qi, creating a desktop battery charger capable of recharging our device in any position, we position it thanks to the “Free positioning” technology.

TYLT VU differs from other wireless chargers currently on the market (such as Duracell, Samsung etc ..) as it is equipped with a free positioning system: this will allow us to position the device in any way, both horizontally and vertically. All this is possible through the use of several “charging coils” (the coils) instead of a single control unit as can be seen from the following diagram and the subsequent photographs that show us what we find “under the hood” of this innovative charger.

Another point in favor of TYLT is the possibility of being able to see and use the device while it is being charged. The other Qi platforms (with the exception of ORB, produced by Google) are “flat” and force the device to remain in a horizontal position, parallel to the support surface; in this way it is practically impossible to use the device (even just to check the time) without having to move it and, consequently, disconnect it from the charger. The TYLT VU design, on the other hand, is designed so that you can always keep your device under control as you can see from the images:

There is also a status LED which indicates standby, charging or platform error.

To book and be among the first to receive the TYLT VU Wireless Charger, just go to this address and choose one of the options in the bar on the right, some of which will also include an NFC adapter for iPhone or Galaxy S III (back cover).

Personally, not owning either of the two devices, I focused on the last possibility of donation they added (the second from the top) which consists of a total expense of $ 76.