Two new photos of Sony Ericsson Android phones leaked

What’s New in Sony Ericsson’s Android Xperia X10 2.1 The update timeline has greatly affected the image of Sony Ericsson in the Android community. Fortunately, we can now see the leak of two new never-before-seen Android phones. What appears to be the latest addition to the X10 family is rumored to be called Shakira, while the black QWERTY slider on the right is said to be even bigger than the Dell Streak.

IT168 appears to be the source of both leaks, and that’s not a huge surprise considering they target Sony Ericsson products.

The white member of the Xperia X10 family, codenamed “Shakira,” seems to find a middle ground between the X10 and the X10 Mini. Phandroid comments that they believe the device has a 3.5 inch screen.

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SEMC Blog notes that “the clock widget looks quite large compared to the one on the X10, which could mean that the resolution will be HVGA 320 x 480 pixels.”

The black QWERTY slider has yet to be given a name, but Engadget writes that the details of the device include Android 2.1, at 5.5 inches, and should launch this fall.

AndroidandMe makes an observation about the size of this device by asking:

If I need a bag to carry another device then I could also get a full size keyboard and screen netbook instead of trying to work on this cramping device. Do we have a receiver out there? How would you use this device if it were somehow released in the United States?

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Image from BoyGeniusReport

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