Truck Driver – Premium Edition coming September 30 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S

Truck Driver will be published as Truck Driver – Premium Edition on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X | S on September 30 this year. This Premium Edition will feature revamped truck models and utilize the graphics processing capabilities of the next generation consoles. Also included are all previous DLCs, such as “Paint Jobs”, “Hidden Places & Damage System” and “Heading North” which was announced recently.

In this Premium Edition, choose whether to represent the pride of the United States, Germany, France or the United Kingdom with the “Paint Jobs” DLC. Additionally, a damage system is included in the Hidden Places & Damage System DLC, along with three secret locations and five new AI vehicles. Finally, a brand new map is also included which features Nordic-inspired landscapes and a picturesque country called Mangefjell. The trailers, trucks and cargoes have also been remodeled to work with the next generation consoles.

Live your truck driver dream to the fullest with Truck Driver Premium Edition! Once you’ve inherited a truck from your father, it’s time to make a name for yourself. Do you want to build stronger relationships and earn the respect of the local community by completing assignments? Do you want to explore different landscapes and interesting places? Or do you just want to make your truck stand out by customizing it to your liking? The choice is yours.

The Premium Edition includes:

  • Truck Driver base game
  • Paint Jobs DLC
  • Hidden Places & Damage System DLC
  • Heading North DLC Map
  • 10 new songs added to the soundtrack