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Tronsmart Groove 2: compact and technological speakers!

Tronsmart Groove 2: compact and technological speakers!

This summer Tronsmart, a brand now known and appreciated for the quality of its products, has decided to update the already excellent Grooves with a new version, obviously called Groove 2.

Tronsmart Groove 2 have been improved in every aspect, from compactness to autonomy, without obviously neglecting the sound quality.

The particular square design, with rubberized case, offers IPX7 water resistance and an excellent defense against bumps, falls and everything that can happen to a speaker designed for outdoor life. Also excellent is the possibility of hanging them anywhere thanks to the practical carabiner.

To add a little sparkle to everything, could you ever miss the LED backlight that goes in rhythm with your music? Obviously not.

Groove 2 is equipped with a passive radiator to increase the low frequencies even more, with a result that always goes beyond expectations, and which is now a must at Tronsmart.

The bass, however, despite their power will never overwhelm the other frequencies, thus always returning a balanced and clean sound.

The power of 10W is more than enough for outdoor parties and sports, especially given the possibility of connecting multiple units at the same time. The “SoundPulse” technology, Tronsmart proprietary algorithm, helps to increase the final quality even more.

Groove 2 is equipped with a brand new Bluetooth 5.3 module, which guarantees fast connections and very high energy efficiency. Thanks to the large 2500mAh battery, the speaker will be able to play continuously for 18 hours.

Tronsmart Groove 2 will arrive in July at an introductory price of 34.99 € and will be available on Tronsmart.com.