Tronsmart Element T6 Plus – Upgrade

Can something already be improved upon? Sure! Tronsmart has revised and updated one of its most successful bluetooth speakers, here it is Tronsmart Element T6 Plus Upgraded Edition: let’s see together how it behaves.


Let’s start immediately with the unboxing of Tronsmart Element T6 Plus Upgraded Edition: the speaker comes in a beautiful and sturdy box with the characteristic Tronsmart colors. The upper part depicts the speaker, while on the sides there is only the Tronsmart logo. On the back we find the usual technical information. A little gem is the additional information on the inside of the box.

Opening the package we immediately find our speaker set in a comfortable protection, which carefully avoids bumps but tends to suffer from the weight of the speaker. Lifting the plastic base we find USB Type-C charging cable and another cable to physically connect an external source, both of the right length. The wall charger is missing, but you can use a PC or any other adapter. On the bottom there are then manual and guarantee.


  • Measures: 84 x 210mm (diameter and height)
  • Weight: 750g
  • Speaker: 2 x 20W
  • 3D Digital Sound with DSP
  • SoundPulse
  • Connectivity: AUX, Bluetooth 5.0
  • Drums: 2 x 3300mAh
  • Support for audio playback from MicroSD
  • Support for audio-to-audio connection via 3.5 “jack
  • Audio playback up to 15 hours on one charge
  • Reproduction frequencies: 20Hz – 16000Hz
  • TWS technology
  • Hands-free calling and voice assistant
  • Resistance to water IPX6


Tronsmart Element T6 Plus UE inherits and greatly improves the design of its predecessor. Made entirely of aluminum, ABS and mesh, once removed from the box you will immediately realize that you are dealing with a well-built and solid product, with a weight of 750g in overall compact dimensions and a remarkable grip. The upper part houses the volume wheel, which hides a button that can activate the voice assistant or answer / end a call.

The cylindrical look, made up of 90% cross-linked (non-metallic) makes the T6 Plus UE extremely elegant and versatile. The quality is the usual Tronsmart, with no smudging, creaking or blemishes. Appreciated the absence of the logo printed in white on the grid, which makes the design even more elegant. The certification IPX6 makes T6 Plus UE water resistant, even if it is not submersible.

The back, unique in ABS, houses the card slot MicroSDthe 3.5mm jack and the door USB Type-C, a USB socket and all other buttons. The slot is covered with a comfortable rubber coating, which ensures its water resistance.

The lower part is fully rubberized, with 3 feet that allow the Tronsmart Element T6 Plus UE to stay still during music playback, especially given the presence of a wooferhidden when the speaker is standing.

The rear keys, not backlit, allow you to carry out all the commands except the activation of the voice assistant and the volume adjustment, deputed to the wheel positioned in the upper part.


Let’s get to the point: how do these Tronsmart Element T6 Plus Upgraded Edition sound? THE 40W output give a very loud volume: most of the time you will find yourself using them at just over half the volume, especially indoors. The two passive radiators on board Element Force increase the bass performance, which are very enjoyable and undoubtedly represent the strong point of this speaker. Good performance also in the medium frequencies, honest also the highs.

The sound quality is really good, and remains so even at very high volume: I have not encountered distortions or quality losses with streaming services such as YouTube or Spotify or with the format Flac, fully compatible. A separate discussion for MP3 songs: in some cases the poor quality of the file caused a loss of quality at maximum volume, which disappeared completely when turned down slightly.

Technology SoundPulse onboard Element T6 Plus is able to generate 40W output, thanks to the high-power audio units, while making the bass deeper and the voices more defined.


The strong point of Tronsmart Element T6 Plus Upgraded Edition are undoubtedly the smart features: the speakers are equipped with TWS (True Wireless Stereo), which allows you to connect two speakers in stereo mode in an extremely simple way. In fact, just press a button to associate two speakers, which will remember the connection even after being turned off and will be read by the devices as a single speaker. The range of the Bluetooth is pretty good, we talk about well 20 meters and quietly covers a large room.

Through the EQ button it will be possible to switch between 3 different equalizer modes, indicated by the status LED: Extra Bass, 3D and Standard. The modality Balanced it is preset (the LED will be off) and it is the one I prefer: deep and powerful bass, which does not sacrifice the other frequencies. The modality 3D (White LED) offers greater overall volume, balancing frequencies well and giving greater body to the sound. The modality Deep Bass (Green LED) aims the maximum on the low frequencies.

In addition to the Bluetooth connections and NFCTronsmart Element Force has slots MicroSD And 3.5mm jackthus providing a full range of options.

Also interesting is the possibility of making and receiving calls, thanks to the integrated microphone: in this case, however, we will have to stay quite close to the speakers to allow our interlocutor to hear us decently. Also good is the ability to activate the voice assistant by pressing and holding the circular key.

In order not to miss anything, Tronsmart Element T6 Plus UE can also be used as an emergency powerbank if necessary, by charging your device through the USB port.


Tronsmart Element T6 Plus UE is undoubtedly a great accessory for those who want to listen to their music without being attached to a cable and with good audio quality. Element T6 Plus UE is ideal both outdoors and indoors, thanks to a pleasant and functional design.

Element T6 Plus UE is great on its own, but it gives its best in pairs, thanks to TWS. Tronsmart Element T6 Plus is available on GeekBuying at an introductory price of € 71.98 come on AliExpress at a discounted price of € 74.77.