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Tricks to improve the WiFi signal of your Movistar Router

Tricks to improve the WiFi signal of your Movistar Router

When alone we accessed the internet from the computer, normally we did it through a Ethernet cable. Today it is still the case in certain devices if we want to obtain maximum speed, both in fiber and in ADSL. But it is more common to connect all the devices in the house via Wi Fi signal that your Movistar Router offers.

The Movistar Router offers 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi access simultaneously. So you can wirelessly connect countless devices and appliances to the Internet. But still, there are certain guidelines and tricks to get the best speed of the WiFi signal when you need to take advantage of it for specific tasks.

Below we collect some tricks applicable to any router to get the best wifi signal on any device. So you can perform tasks that require maximum speed, such as enjoying streaming music or video, with the best quality and without interruptions.

Choose the position of the router

The first decision we must make to obtain a good WiFi signal is to decide where will we place The Movistar Router. If the fiber optic or ADSL connection is already installed, there is little we can do. But if we haven’t done the installation yet, it’s a good time to decide where to do it.

The optimal thing would be for the Movistar Router to be in a central location of the home or office where we are going to install it in order to reach as many rooms as possible. In this sense, it will help that there are no metallic elements nearby, as they can interfere with the WiFi signal.

The router height It is also important, since the WiFi signal spreads in all directions. The higher you are, the more chances you have to send wireless signal beyond the four walls you placed it on.

The WiFi signal, two options to choose from

Another important element of the Movistar Router is the possibility of access two bandwidths different. The most recommended is the one that corresponds to 5GHz, usually with the name “Movistar_Plus”. With that signal we can obtain better coverage and more speed regardless of the distance between device and router.

Although we can connect a large number of devices to both the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bandwidths, if we want to optimize the received signal we must connect to the 2.4 GHz network, with the name “Movistar”, those devices that don’t need bandwidth too tall. In some cases, accessing this signal is unavoidable due to the age of the device.

And leave the 5 GHz network to devices that we will use for bandwidth demanding taskssuch as watching HD video, playing music, or playing video games.

Prioritize tasks and devices

In relation to the previous trick, if we have connected a large number of devices and appliances to the WiFi signal of the Movistar Router, it is possible that we do not always get the desired speed for certain tasks.

If this is the case, we can make simple decisions such as disconnect certain devices of the Movistar Router when we do not need them or schedule certain tasks so that get the most of bandwidth.

Precisely thanks to the Smart Wi Fi app you can pause the connection of connected devices. This way you will achieve more bandwidth for specific projects or devices. You can do it both from your iPhone and Android and from your television using the Living App of Smart Wi Fi. In this article you will find more information.

Optimize your network with the Smart WiFi App

It is not frequent. But there may be a situation not getting a good WiFi signal. Despite having done everything possible to achieve it. We have the Movistar Router in a good position, the connected device is at the correct distance, there are no more connected devices…

If you do not know what is causing this problem, we can ask the Smart WiFi application that will help us see which devices are connected to both networks and if we have any signal problems.

Within the application, available for iPhone and Android, you must go to My Network > WiFi Optimization. The app will tell you if the channel used by default is saturated and you can improve the WiFi signal by pressing the button Optimize.

Use Wi Fi signal boosters

Sometimes we have no choice but to opt for outside help. The Movistar Router allows simultaneous connections. But the more devices you connectthe WiFi signal must be shared between them and, obviously, you will get a lower connection speed.

A possible external solution is to obtain a signal amplifier. If your router cannot cover your entire home or office due to its dimensions, you can extend that WiFi signal using signal boosters, such as the Smart WiFi Booster.

This way you will ensure that the WiFi signal reaches all corners and in the most optimal conditions, avoiding cuts or falls momentary

Lastly, we can always try to restart the Movistar Router. Perhaps when it connects to the Movistar network again, the connection will improve and we will obtain a greater bandwidth.