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Treyarch talks about the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 graphics engine


Treyarch talks about the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 graphics engine

In a recent interview, Mark Lamia from Treyarchargues that Black Ops 2it does not need a new graphics engine as it can boast of the one already used in the previous titles of the series significantly improved.

It is as if you had a house to renovate, and instead of choosing to do it, you change your home, a similar situation can be done with Black Ops II, because you can create a new graphics engine when it is possible to improve the one currently used by the team for the other titles of the series?

We have done a significant work on the graphics engine, significantly improving it compared to the previous version, but it is not a new engine but improvements to the previous one! People want us to make a product with innovative graphics, better than we have ever done so far, I think there is no problem asking for such a thing, but you have to understand that increasing the graphics decreases the frames of the game, but with great joy I can tell you that this time we did it, we made great graphics while maintaining 60 frames per second!

In practice, what Lamia is trying to say is that there is no need for a new graphics engine if it is possible to upgrade an existing one used in the other chapters, don’t you think? It is as if you buy a latest generation TV where 3D glasses are needed and choose to buy as soon as they are available, a 3D TV capable of transmitting the 3D effect without the glasses just so as not to buy a pair of glasses for the old model.

It is true that a new model is always to be preferred, but when it is possible why not avoid it? After all, if each team made a different graphics engine for each game, they wouldn’t be able to produce so many games in a few years, don’t you think? We invite you to stay with us for all the other news.