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TrenLab, Renfe’s innovative commitment to promote its digital transformation

TrenLab, Renfe’s innovative commitment to promote its digital transformation

Renfe presents TrenLab, a project that Wayra will develop and that will be based on innovation to search for new key areas in its business. The startup accelerator will seek to promote 12 projects that add value to its services.

Renfe wants to lead the rail market in Europe. In a world in constant evolution and transformation, the railway operator has taken a step forward to become a world reference company. As you can imagine, it takes innovation and a lot of work to achieve it. The bet to achieve it has been TrenLabits new startup accelerator that will develop Wayra, the open innovation hub Telephone.

The announcement of this innovative project was made in South Summit, a framework that we have already told you about in SamaGame and in which the enlightED event takes place. There, Renfe has announced that TrenLab will be developed over the next two years and will promote the digitization of the company.

It is not an easy task, so Renfe has trusted Wayra. Telefónica’s startup accelerator will work so that TrenLab, based on a open innovation formula, find new ideas that add value in the mobility and transport market. It will promote business initiatives in the initial stages, allow knowledge to be incorporated into the company and advance Renfe’s digital transformation.

The three great challenges facing TrenLab

The primary intention of the railway operator is improve your service and expand your business. To this end, three major challenges have been proposed that TrenLab will have to work on over the next two years:

1. Digital Mobility: Renfe passengers seek agile and personal services. The operator wants to ensure that its customers have easy access to information and that all their needs are covered while they travel. The challenge is to reinvent the travel experience.
2. Digitization of Operations: Perhaps the most important objective is to make the most of the possibilities of digital technologies to manage operations in real time, in connection with the expectations incorporated in the first challenge.
3. Logistics on Demand: This challenge is linked more to freight transport. Renfe is looking for projects that apply technology such as big data or artificial intelligence, location and monitoring, digitization of processes. In short, you want to flexibly adapt your logistics offer.

TrenLab and Wayra, in search of twelve innovative ideas

Renfe is clear that digitization is at the center of the objectives that TrenLab will address to explore areas such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence or Big Data. The acceleration program that it seeks to promote is aimed at any project that is in the initial phase, with a vocation for growth, an innovative character, and that is compatible with the corporate purpose of the Renfe Group.

How will the process be? Wayra has prepared the contest rules, will select the startups, create joint work spaces and provide advice. It is planned that two calls for annual projects will be held to promote up to 12 ideas. The selected startups will receive a personalized plan of acceleration, with economic, administrative and legal support. In addition, additional training and a networking network that allows the projects to mature.

Hard work to innovate in the stations. Surely TrenLab will make traveling by train a completely different experience.