Train at home with Volava and interconnect your devices for a complete sports experience

Have you ever thought how interesting it would be to play sports from home if it were much more dynamic and interactive? Surely with gamified content, training would become much more interesting, and excuses for not doing cardio would be a thing of the past, right?

Volava has wanted to take this hypothesis and put it to the test in the comfort of your living room, offering you a new generation of sports accessories designed for a more modern lifestyle. With routines adapted to you, your times and your rules.

On the Volava website you will find a large number of accessories. For example, if you are looking for indoor cycling activities, stationary bikes Volava Bike and Smart Bike They are the perfect complements to tone and work your entire lower body. If you prefer more aerobic activities, Volava Boxing it’s just what you need; This pack consists of a 185cm bag of approximately 18kg without ballast, along with a pair of sweat and water resistant gloves and mittens. And finally, if what you want is a running session, Volava Smart Run It is a treadmill designed for sports in the living room, easily foldable and with a large 45x130cm surface for longer strides.

All these sports accessories are complemented by the Volava Smart Pulsea small and practical device that acts as a frequency sensor so that you can monitor all your training sessions in real time, whether they are with Volava devices or with any other type of sport, whatever you practice.

The gamification of sport is experienced with Volava

“Okay, I already have the devices… How does my training change? “Surely that is the first thing that has crossed your mind when we have presented the different devices of the family Volava. In the end, for training to become interesting, it has to be accompanied by an offer of varied content that keeps us hooked and invites us to continue training day by day. All Volava devices contain sensors to detect your movements and provide you with synchronized metrics with the exercise you are doing in the Volava app. You will find two types of subscriptions, depending on your budget and the devices you have at home.

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With these subscriptions you will be able to access the mobile application with more than 2,000 live and on demand sessions to train from home or wherever you want, with different types, durations and levels of difficulty. sports disciplines are yoga, dancing, meditation, strength, cardio hiit, boxing, walking, cycling, running and stretching;and you will be able to connect with other members of the Volava community to train alongside them and achieve your goals together. The trainers will monitor your progress and you will be able to receive precise feedback according to your training.

The subscription Premium It costs €39/month and works with all the Volava teams that we mentioned above, with the possibility of creating up to five profiles and having access to all your metrics and statistics; while, with the subscription BASIC €12/month you can connect it to your Smart Pulse to enjoy all your classes and sessions.

Are you liking all this? Well, we have one more surprise! Thanks to Movistar you will be able to acquire the Smart Bike and Smart Pulse devices financed at 0% APR and without interest, with a premium subscription 60 day gift, for you and four other users. In addition, by clicking on the links you will also find the physical stores where you can try Volava devices completely free of charge.

Cheer up yourself and take the leap to the gamification of sport with Volava!