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Thomas the Train is back in Resident Evil 3 Remake

Thomas the Train is back in Resident Evil 3 Remake

Image: https://www.usgamer.net/articles/modders-have-already-put-thomas-the-tank-engine-in-resident-evil-3s-demo

Since the release of Resident Evil 4 on PCs, it is absolutely right to say that the undead franchise has become a guinea pig for modifications as vast as it is today with GTA. However, now in different times, when memes dominate the internet and the concept of modification has reached another level, elevated through the graphic and reskin technology that modders are able to implement in current games, the results of their projects become increasingly more bizarre and interesting.

And one of the stamped stickers that is practically a Resident Evil character is Thomas the Train, the scary creature that replaced Mr. X in RE2 Remake and that won the world by being widely publicized on social networks. The sinister train now returns to Resident Evil 3 Remake, where users were able to implement modifications to the recently launched demo of the game and have already taken care to mark it with the definitive presence of Thomas.

The feat has now been accomplished by the user @VenomDeathNinja, which modified DEMO from Resident 3 itself and replaced Nemesis by train, now acting as the great pursuer and executioner of Jill Valentine. See the video below.

Just the fact that i can mod the Resident evil 3 DEMO is amazing. I thought Nemesis was scary as is but this is straight up TERRIFYING. pic.twitter.com/DKCEcNBzrM

– The Yakuza Guy ?? COVID isolation (@VenomDeathNinja) March 23, 2020

“Just the fact that I can modify the DEMO for Resident Evil 3 is already sensational! I thought Nemesis was scary, but that goes much further.”

Looking forward to testing the modification? Resident Evil 3 Remake arrives in April 3 for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.