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This is how an organ is transplanted: technology to save lives

This is how an organ is transplanted: technology to save lives

Spain is a world leader in organ donation. It has been for 29 years in a row. And this summer we will know if it continues to be so. This is what emerges from the data provided by the World Transplant Registry and the National Transplant Organization. Leader in donors. And in organ transplantation, second only to the United States. 94.6 transplants per million people compared to 120.6 in 2020.

It is not surprising that, this being the case, the transport of organs, stem cells, biological products and living tissues is a task in which the Spanish health system has decades of experience. But together with experience, the use of technology is increasingly necessary to reduce and eliminate errorsstreamline processes and, ultimately, save lives.

One of the health projects in which he has participated Telephone in recent years is the one that has helped the specialized logistics company in its work Movilpack. Both have applied cutting edge technologies to their day to day work to facilitate geolocated transport of living tissues between hospitals. A project that involves Spanish but also European health centers and laboratories. long distances in which time is key and any mistake seriously penalizes.

Logistics and medical transport

Logistics is one of the sectors that has benefited most from the application of technology. And even though it’s not the same transporting food, electronics, or living tissue, the same technology can be applied whatever needs to be transported. Geolocation, constant monitoring, real time information, Big Data… In short, taking something from point A to point B in the shortest time possible, without suffering any damage or deterioration. With the caveat that organ transplantation has some higher demands in terms of time and care of the element transported.

Thus, Movilpack contributes its experience and logistics infrastructure. A transport company specialized in biological materials such as vaccines, living organs or stem cells. For its part, Telefónica contributes its experience and technology to offer a geolocation service applied to the transport of living tissues and biological samples. First, you have to know at all times where is the element transported. Second, find out beforehand what is the best route to carry out the transport without errors, accidents or loss of time.

Stem cells, for example, travel in special refrigerators that must guarantee a constant temperature between 2 and 8ºC. And the transport must be done in less than eight hours. From there, the stem cells start to deteriorate. Thus, constant monitoring is essential. The transportation arrives on time and in good condition.

Information and communication in real time

In the words of the CEO of Movipack, Juan Pedro Yunta: “This geolocation allows the customer to be informed at all times of the situation of the shipment and decisions can be made and solutions sought that can lead to delivery success of the product”. A product of vital importance, or rather, irreplaceable. Since we are talking about organs, stem cells and other living tissues that require added care.

To make this possible, use the GPS system typical of smartphones, so it is not necessary to implement new elements such as sensors or electronic devices. In combination with GeoManagement application of Telefónica, you can know in real time the place of collection, the delivery, the deadlines for said delivery and any important data related to the chain of custody. In addition, optimized routes can be designed and, as an addition, the status of the transported element can be offered: temperature, humidity, damage…

The role of GeoGestión is not only to be the tool that provides data and information in real time during transport. It also serves to maintain Constant comunication between the parties involved in said transport. Thus, in the event of unforeseen events, Movipack can react immediately and replace a vehicle or a driver so that the transport arrive at your destination on time suitable. In addition, it has the advantages associated with this type of tool: it works 24 hours a day, it can be used in different devices connected to the Internet and allows managing an infinite number of employees with management rules and levels depending on each professional or department.

A project that the company presents within the framework of the celebration of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona under the slogan Transformation is Now. A place where all the proposals related to connectivity, 5G, connected industry or sustainability will be shared.