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Things you should do when you open your new UHD TV


Things you should do when you open your new UHD TV

Who does not like it launch something new. Those smells, those sensations, the novelties of that new product that you didn’t have before… But every premiere requires a few preliminary steps to enjoy, for example, your new UHD TV or 4K. Especially if you are already enjoying Movistar Plus+. Let’s see how much you have to do once have you taken out the tv from your box.

In the past, it was enough to take the television out of its box, place it in the chosen piece of furniture and connect it to the current and the antenna. Today, there is some other difference. To begin with, what connect the tv to the antenna it does not have to be this way. If you have contracted Movistar Plus+, you can enjoy dozens of open DTT channels and in the best quality without an antenna in between, all through the Internet. And, of course, this offer is joined by dozens of payment channels and the exclusive channels.

But there is more. Today’s televisions do much more if you connect them to the internet. By Wi Fi or by Ethernet. In both cases, the television will be updated automatically, just like your smartphone or your computer. And you can use their applications and/or, depending on the brand and model, install new applications such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ or Movistar Plus+ itself. Or news, sports, weather apps… The limit is set by the storage capacity of your television.

Brand new television: first steps

The said. Let’s say we have a new UHD TV. We have taken it out of its box, we have placed the foot or feet, if they did not come already assembled, and we have put it in a place where we can see it well. Can be a specific piece of furniture or a support. In the second case, there are wall or floor. This second usually has wheels and trays to place all other devices. And the wall one can move and tilt as well to a certain extent.

On the one hand, we must connect the television to a power outlet. The second step will be to connect the TV to Internet. This will allow update the software of the television and provide it with more functions, such as watching Internet TV, for example. If the router is near the TV, it is better to connect the TV with an Ethernet cable. If not, the WiFi connection will suffice. Once the TV is connected to the Internet, it is a good idea to check for updates manually to keep the TV up to date.

Once we have access to the Internet, we can put our new UHD TV to the test. It will depend on the manufacturer and model that you have one operating system or another. The most common operating systems on televisions are Android TV, WebOS (LG). and Tizen (Samsung). By default, they already offer basic applications such as Netflix, YouTube or Prime Video. Every system has your own store with more apps. Install the ones you may need to watch multimedia content, listen to music, tune in to the radio, read the news, etc. You’ll even find games to pass the time.

Optionally, we can also connect the antenna wireif we are going to use it, or a portable antenna, which usually have a magnetic foot to stay attached to the TV. But if you are a Movistar Plus+ customer, you do not need an antenna. It will be enough to connect the UHD decoder via HDMI to have access to open and pay TV.

Connecting the TV to the UHD deco

If you are a Movistar Plus+ customer, the install apps on your new TV you can skip it. The reason is that in Movistar’s own UHD decoder you have access to Movistar Plus+ television channels and to applications such as Netflix, Disney+, Atresplayer, Mitele, DAZN and many others through Living Apps. So all the content you want to see on your new TV is already available from Movistar’s own decoder.

If you already have the UHD decoder installed, from a previous television, you will only have to connect it to the television via HDMI. In turn, it is connected to the Movistar Smart WiFi router via Ethernet cable. This way you will take advantage of all the possible bandwidth to view content in UHD in its best quality. And, obviously, we will also have to connect it to a power outlet. Finally, we will have to turn on the decoder. Especially the first time we use it, so that it is configured correctly. When we do not use it, we will keep it on standby. Keep in mind that if you turn it off you will not be able to turn it on from the remote.

Final touches to get the best out of 4K

At this point in the article, we already have our new UHD TV at full capacity. We can see content from integrated applications on the TV or directly from the UHD decoder of Movistar. All this through the Internet. What’s more, if you have other devices at home you can connect them too. I am referring to sound bars, video game consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox, etc. This should be enough.

But we have a few final touches left. Necessary to correctly enjoy everything that the UHD/4K quality from your TV. To begin with, we must activate the HDR function of the television. Its function is to improve the image quality of video games, movies and other audiovisual content. Whether or not UHD/4k, it will look better at the light, contrast and color.

HDR depends on your TV. When you buy it, you will have seen logos such as HDR10, HDR10+ or ​​Dolby Vision on the label, on the box or on the technical sheet. Activating HDR on your television will depend on each model and manufacturer. It’s a matter of browse your menu until you find the right option. Additionally, depending on what we are seeing we can go to the picture modeswhich are responsible for changing brightness, contrast, sharpness or color depending on whether you are watching sports, music, a movie or playing a video game.

Finally, remember that for make the most of the UHD/4K resolution of your television, you will have to take into account several things. In addition to the TV, the content must be UHD/4K. And if you’re using external devices like game consoles, tuners, or set top boxes, you should connect them with the newest possible HDMI cables.