These drones are used to carry medicines to rural areas

The first legal shipment by drone called Flirtey has become a reality. This vehicle has brought drugs to a rural area of ​​the USA.

Just a few days ago, the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States authorized the first legal shipment made by a drone. After Switzerland announced that it would test these vehicles for the postal service, the achievement achieved by Flirtey It is a turning point in the history of drones in the US, with the approval of the US administration.

But the shipment is not only historical for having been carried out from the “legality”, and not as one more field test. The objective of the Flirtey drone was none other than to evaluate the possibility of taking drugs to rural areas with difficult access. With the collaboration of NASA, the vehicle was able to transport 24 packages of medicines and thus cover the distance between the Lonesome Pine airport to the area known as the Wise County Fairgrounds.

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According to Mashable, the route made by the Flirtey drone was not too long, but it was long enough to give relevance to a very interesting application: the transport of packages to areas of difficult access. As happened in the earthquake in Nepal, these vehicles may be key in the future by being able to go where humans cannot.

The success of Flirtey, framed within the project Let’s Fly Wisely, has also been described as “a Kitty Hawk moment.” This reference refers to the North Carolina city where the Wright brothers made the first flight in history on December 17, 1903.

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A century after the achievement of the Flyer I, aviation has written a new chapter. Hand in hand with unmanned aerial vehicles, the use of drones is becoming more and more common. Its application in fields as different as livestock or nature care is just a sample of the immense potential they could have in the future.

To be sure, Flirtey’s success in transporting medications for more than 3,000 people in Virginia is just the beginning. And it is that drones promise to revolutionize the shipment of packages, which is why companies like Amazon have already looked at these vehicles to transport their products.

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