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The worst accessories for game consoles that have ever existed

The worst accessories for game consoles that have ever existed

Video game companies have traditionally strived to enhance the player experience through various accessories and peripherals. Some were a success for the gamer community, but others were a real failure, although, without a doubt, they were a source of inspiration for many later developments.

The video game They have become great protagonists in the world of entertainment. Over the years, developers have sought innovation to get the most realistic experience possible during the game. And one way to achieve this has been the development of peripherals or accessories for game consoles.

In this scenario, one of the most popular peripherals is the steering wheel with pedalswhose objective is to achieve greater realism in motor racing games, but previously there were components that were a disaster for the players. Next, we list you the worst accessories for game consoles that have existed in recent years.

The accessory to play through the mind

Have you ever imagined playing a video game through your mind? Atari wanted to innovate with something similar, it was called mind link.

This peripheral consisted of a headband with a receiver on the front that received electromagnetic impulses from our head and thus transform them into movements on the screen.

This idea may seem great a priori, but the reality was very different. The receiver was not precise with the movements, it was uncomfortable to use and it gave the players a headache.

This prototype was presented at the fair ESC from Las Vegas in 1984where it received bad reviews and consequently was not marketed.

exercise boards

The nintendo wii It was a clear example of a video console that gave prominence to the movement of the players in real life. His motion sensors were a revolution and served as alternative to do sports at home.

This console included an accessory called WiiFit, a table that was used to exercise while playing video games. Did you know that there was already a similar 30 years ago?

It was an invention of Ataribut with the difference that, in this case, it was a failure.

This accessory, called The JoyboardIt was basically a table with push buttons that translated the movements in left and right. It also offered the option to connect an additional controller in order to enhance the gaming experience.

Unfortunately, There was only one game valid for this productwhich was a ski simulator.

Sega, the company that most opted to innovate, although it did not go well

Everyone will know the video game company sega for titles that have marked a before and after like sonic the hedgehogbut it will also be remembered for creating the worst accessories for game consoles that have ever existed.

An example of this is Sega Activator. This peculiar peripheral was another attempt to bring the movements of our body to the screen. This time, it was an octagonal platform with infrared sensors on each side.

Expectations were good, but reality made it complicated to play smoothly and, not even remotely, resembled what the company promised.

Another product Sega made was the Fishing Controller. As its name suggests, it was intended for those games that simulated fishing such as Sega Bass Fishing.

It had a reel that replaced the analog pad of the controller and. For added realism, this peculiar **** vibrated when the fish bit the hook.

Over the years, the accessories have been improving and evolving, in many cases, thanks to the experience provided by some of the proposals listed, because, although they did not achieve the expected results, they were undoubtedly a source of inspiration for many. later developments.