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The technology behind the Laser Tag

The technology behind the Laser Tag

What started as a combat simulation designed for the military in the United States in the 70s and 80s, has now become a hobby that has spread to many other places around the world.

There is some confusion to distinguish the Laser Tag from Paintball, and even from Airsoft. All three are shooting games where you have to beat your rivals together with your teammates. But, beyond this general concept, there are many differences between them. In this article, we intend to explain what Laser Tag is all about, and what is the technology behind it to make it work.

What does it consist of?

First of all, what is Laser Tag? Also known as Laser Combat or Laser Game, as its names suggest, it is a sports game that simulates a confrontation between two teams. Players have a weapon whose projectiles are infrared rays and with which they must hit the opponents.

Each carries a series of receivers who count the hits and add points. As in most competitive games, the side that scores the most points during the game wins.

what started out as a combat simulation Intended for military personnel in the United States in the 1970s and 1980s, today it has become a hobby that has spread to many other places around the world. Especially, due to its similarity to Paintball, which we mentioned at the beginning, and its great advantage over it for children, since there is no ball impact and, therefore, there is no risk of it hurting or staining.

Likewise, the Laser Tag can be developed both outdoors and indoors, although it is usually located in closed spaces, conveniently set with dark lights, corners and palisades from which to take cover. The scenarios, as we can deduce with so many possibilities, are of fundamental importance in the game, and much of the fun depends on them.

What material is used?

To play, you need a laser tag weapon, which is usually either a smaller pistol or a submachine gun. It is an intelligent and electronic weapon that, in addition to firing infrared rays, has a small led screen that lights up when you hit a shot; and a loudspeaker, which also announces the target, so you don’t have any doubts.

you also need a vest equipped with Laser Tag technology. Its peculiarity is that they incorporate several sensors, which receive infrared rays and light up and warn when someone hits the target. Thus, both one and the other find out. These points are spread throughout the body. One at shoulder and chest height; another one further down, by the area of ​​the gut. The third is located on the back, and the fourth is located on the gun itself.

In the video, from Laser Tag Net they explain it to us in a simple way.

Header image: Getyourguide. Image: Pinterest.