The Samsung Galaxy S6 has lowered the focus towards the Apple Watch

Samsung seems to have reacted well to the start of pre-orders for the new one Apple Watch the same day as the new ones arrive on the market Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge. A final study unearthed by Bloomberg underlined how the interest in the Cupertino smartwatch has dropped thanks to the enormous success of the top-of-the-range Samsung.

No attacks on social media but a silent response underlined by the search trends of Google. A recent comparison would have highlighted how research on the two products has changed dramatically in recent months. Here is the graph:

Until March the attention towards the two products was comparable but immediately after the announcement of the Galaxy S6 attention to theApple Watch has partially decreased, always being lower than that of the two Samsung smartphones.

Who knows if with the next ones iPhone 6S the rival Apple will be able to give the Korean giant a hard time.