The Quake Pro League is a great opportunity to enter the Quake Champions

Announced by Bethesda just months before QuakeCon 2019, the Quake Pro League is the new competitive Quake Champions league that started its first leg during the event. Although I never paid much attention to the game until then, I confess that I am interested in testing my skills and learning a little about it after watching some stages of the competition.

The game keeps the DNA of the series intact, betting on a competitive multiplayer in the knockout style with matches that last a maximum of 10 minutes. It’s all very fast and intense, with labyrinthine maps that hide weapons and upgrades at specific points, guaranteeing both areas to recover from a clash that was not very successful and good points to ambush.

The name “Champions” comes from the fact that several characters from the Bethesda universe are present, along with the faces typical of the Quake universe. This means that, in addition to a character like Athena, you will also be able to choose to take on the role of BJ Blazkowicz or Doom Slayer.

Things here work differently than Overwatch: the choice of characters will change your special ability (which can be a hook to move faster, or a turret with limited duration) and nothing else. This means that the movement speed will be the same, as well as access to the 7 types of equipment available – which only serves to make the process of choosing the character used even more important.

Intense pace strategy

Quake Champions and, consequently, the Quake League, has something that I highly value when accompanying an eSports: the ease of understanding what is happening. You may not be able to master the layout of the maps very well or know what each weapon does, but by following the matches, even those who have never played the game can easily read the situation of each player and who has the advantage.

So, even without the help of commentators, you can have fun with what is happening – especially when it is very clear that the central objective is to eliminate the opponent of the most efficient possible. I was also struck by the great verticality of the title: there are platforms to jump between levels and teleports that guarantee the mobility of the players and contribute to the fast pace of the fighting.

Since there are no necessarily safe points (attacks can come from above or below at any time), Quake Champions players need to move constantly. With this, we are guaranteed constant confrontations, resulting in a game that fits very well in the universe of eSports.

Follow the Quake Pro League

The finals of the first stage of the Quake Pro League are taking place this Sunday (28th) and can be followed through the game’s official channel on Twitch. The first season will be divided into four stages and will bring together 20 players from around the world to compete in the “Timelimit Duel” game mode.

What a great way to end my participation on @QuakeCon. Thanks for the huge support guys!

– nosfa (@nosfa_qc) July 28, 2019

While most of the competitors are from outside Brazil, we have a national representative present in the competition: Felipe Barbosa, Nosfa. He finished the first stage of the competition in eleventh place, ending his participation with 10 wins and 9 losses and taking home a $ 3,000 prize.