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The Medium Guide: How to solve the puzzles of the red house

The Medium Guide: How to solve the puzzles of the red house

If you have solved the riddle in the conference rooms in The Medium and you have been playing for several hours, surely you will have reached the place of the red housebelow we report all the steps for solve various puzzles.

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How to recover the lever to reach the red house

The first puzzle is to recover a lever necessary to allow the physical body to pass through the garage door, so proceed as follows:

  1. Explore the room to retrieve a doll
  2. Go back to the entrance where you found the light source and focus on the material world
  3. Position the doll to intensify the light, then vacuum it
  4. With the spirit body, go through the locked garage in the material world to reach the red house area
  5. Immediately go left upstairs to find a switch, then use the power to turn on the power
  6. Return to the physical body and press the button to activate the mechanism, then go down and take the lever to be placed in the device to lift the garage door.

How to solve the dollhouse puzzle

The second puzzle instead has a dollhouse as its protagonist, with which you will have to interact to recover the faces of dolls and butterflies, so proceed as follows:

  1. Retrieve the 3 photos in the room and place them in chronological order on the fireplace
  2. Take the miniature mirror and use it in the first room of the dollhouse, after which enter the mirror in reality to reach the respective doll room.
  3. Interact with the scenery in search of masks and butterflies
  4. Repeat the procedure for the other rooms, then change the position of the mirror in the dollhouse and use it in reality.
  5. Once you have recovered the butterflies, go to the room where there is a bed with the silhouettes of the butterflies, then insert them in the appropriate spaces, observing the shape and shape of each butterfly.
  6. Retrieve the last mask from the trunk and go to the bedroom
  7. Place the masks on the faces of the dolls and get ready to escape into the mirror, which will break revealing a secret passage, then use it to reach the basement.

How to open the locked door with a code in the red house

The last puzzle will ask you to retrieve a secret code to use on the door with the numeric keypad to open it, here’s how to proceed:

  1. Go to the room on the left
  2. Use the wire cutters to open the green locker and interact with the watch box and receipt on the right
  3. The receipt for the watch is dated 1976, based on 10 years together you will get 1966 as a result
  4. Go back to the main room and enter the crevice on the right
  5. Use the code 1966 on the door to unlock it