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The latest in space tourism: on a trip to the stratosphere… in a balloon

The latest in space tourism: on a trip to the stratosphere… in a balloon

Space Perspective, an American start up is targeting this booming sector. Commercial space travel has already started, but it is still very expensive. And for that, they offer a cheaper experience.

Space tourism is a very promising sector. It is not necessary to look within several years, but it is already a reality.

Different companies have recently been competing for this new and emerging market. It is led by Space X, which made history a few weeks ago by being the first private company to provide NASA with a ship for its missions. It is followed by some like Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin or Virgin Galatic.

What are you offering?

They all promise what was crazy decades ago and what, even now, continues to be quite surprising: sending civilians into space. As if you go on a trip, but instead of going to another city or another country, you leave the Earth.

A new participant has recently appeared on this very interesting game board, a start up that had remained hidden until now: Space Perspective. In mid June he released a statement informing of his plan to travel to space in a balloon.

Well, technically not to space. Your intention is take tourists up to a height of 30 kilometers, triple the average commercial aircraft. To the stratosphere.

That height is not yet considered space as such, but the distance, more than evident, provides spectacular views of Earth. That is exactly what Space Perspective intends, to teach a new perspective of the planet, from its ship, “Neptune”.

The offer has surprised everyone for its originality. If until now the companies that compete in this sector have presented rocket powered ships, this one rises in a completely different way. The capsule is propelled by a gigantic balloon, the size of a football field, which moves around hydrogen.

Inside the capsule, they will be able to travel up to eight people, plus the pilot. It has windows on all sides, so passengers can enjoy views in any direction at all times. What’s more, They will have a bathroom, bar and Wi Fiin case you want to refresh yourself and communicate with your loved ones or share the event on social networks.

six hour flight

It is a tour of six hours long. The trip starts before dawn. Climb for two hours to the highest point. There it remains stable for two more hours, and then descends with the sunrise for another two hours. land in the seain a boat.

The first flights are scheduled to take place in Floridabut they also consider doing it from alaska, hawaii and other international spaceports.

Its founders, Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum, have been working with hot air balloons for several years and have participated in other projects of a space nature. They assert that the purpose of the proposal is “allow access to the space to all people”.

Perhaps, in time, as this space tourism race progresses, this access will become truly universal. But, for now, it will not be able to be fulfilled: the ticket will cost about 125,000 dollars, that is, about 110,000 euros.

It is true that it is a significantly cheaper price than the other existing offers, since until now the cheapest of these is that of Virgin Galatic, which costs twice as much: 250,000 dollars.

The most important issue: safety

However, what is the use of this balloon trip being more or less cheap and comfortable if it is not safe? From Space Perspective they have it clear and, therefore, in their team they have renowned professionals, such as astronauts, who know the subject well.

For now, at the beginning of next year they will carry out the first tests. They are convinced that they will be a success, since different investigations have used similar technology for decades. It shouldn’t cause any problems.

Those interested, who can afford it and who dare, can now reserve their place on the website. Space tourism is already here.

Images: Space Perspective.