The Last of Us Part 2 and God of War have tactile response on PS5 DualSense


Image: Playstation / Disclosure

The GamesRadar portal performed tests with the new DualSense controller on the PS5, using previous compatibility versions of The Last of Us Part 2 and God of War and the result is very positive. The control has a tactile response, with variations in vibration and tension in the adaptive triggers.

Even though The Last of Us Part 2 does not yet have a confirmed updated version for the new generation, it was possible to use the new controller and see how it adapts with gameplay. In the moments when Ellie uses the bow or fires, for example, it is possible to perceive the tension in the triggers and when using the boat, the roar of the engine adapts with the vibration.

Ellie’s bow is one of the best examples of DualSense’s tactile responseSource: NaughtyDog / Disclosure

Another game tested was God of War, which brings an enhanced response when Kratos opens his shield or throws his Leviathan ax. The controller senses the movement and responds with a vibrating impact on your hands.

In addition to the answers we expect, DualSense also responds with other simple features, such as shining with the color that matches the loading screen. Do you know the loading screen for The Last of Us Part 2, with the moths? The control responds with a green light and is very effective in this regard.

The PlayStation 5 will arrive in Brazilian lands next week, on the 19th. Other stronger markets, such as the USA itself, will receive the console tomorrow (12). What are your expectations for the PS5? Have you checked the Voxel review of the new console?