The kitchen of the future

Innovation in the way of producing, eating and accessing food is the order of the day, and it still has a long way to go. What will the future kitchens look like? We tell you.

The kitchen, considered one of the most important places in our homes, where important things really happen: food with grandparents, your tenth birthday, or announcement that we are pregnant… Where the best smells and the best questions come from. A place where tricks are passed from generation to generation without recipes involved.

Well, today the kitchen menu has advice for the future. In recent years, the progressive implementation of home automation has predominated in this scenario. But we kitchen lovers want to go further, imagining what the kitchens of the future will be like. And the thing is that things are changing, and the world of gastronomy, hospitality and tourism in general is increasingly aware of the importance of technology in the success of its businesses.

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Eating is the cause and technology is the effect

More and more companies, universities and design schools are coming together to create an intelligent space where it is possible to prepare any dish. An example of this is the Swedish company that has been decorating our things for years: Ikea, with the collaboration of two Universities: Lund and the Eindhoven University of Technology; and the design and innovation consultancy THEREFORE, they show us a kitchen prototype, Concept Kichen, which is designed to make life easier, in addition to interacting with new technologies.

As in the kitchen nowhere

Among the innovative aspects of this project, it stands out that the axis of the kitchen is concentrated in a multifunction table or «A table for living», on whose surface you can cook, prepare food, eat, charge the devices and, in addition, carry out a recognition of the food. The technology behind it is a tabletop projector. The table has some induction spirals under the surface, these are connected to a network, which allows the system to recognize the objects and movements that are on the table and thus can be projected on the screen. Is about ‘Casual Technology’: tools that give us control and guidance when we need it, but appear to be the opposite – a simple surface that minimizes distractions and enables us to stay committed to recycling. If, in addition to all this, it has a good implementation of the systems, a database and an affordable price, it is expected that this table will be in many homes by the year 2025.The kitchen of the future

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Simmering, a new way of seeing the world

But this is not the only project that is underway to innovate the kitchen space. For example, the company Whirlpool has presented at CES in Las Vegas this year an interactive kitchen, in which it combines the conventional, with the social media world, through social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Skype. The acceptance of this new space in the kitchen is getting bigger and better.

Another of the star devices in the modern kitchen are the food weights. The company Smart DietScale has created a weight that is connected via Bluetooth to our smartphone and gives us the nutritional value of the food. It is capable of recognizing more than 315,000 foods and among 80,000 restaurant dishes. In the application we can also see everything you have eaten, in a nutritional way and in a very visual way.

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