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The keys and skills to find a job in full digital transformation

The keys and skills to find a job in full digital transformation

At a meeting between Fundación Telefónica and the Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN), the digital skills demanded by modern companies were discussed. The digital transformation has created new jobs and requires constant learning from workers.

A ever evolving world of work. It is not new to say that we are submerged in the fourth industrial age and that the digital transformation is causing companies to renew themselves at a forced pace. Every day we see how large companies emerge from nowhere, how jobs are created and how old companies have to turn to a more digital environment. After all, renew or die. What does all this mean? Easy, employees have to do the same. Now you have to become a digital worker and improve the skills that companies demand.

The event “Digital skills for employment”from Fundación Telefónica and the Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN), served to learn about the new profiles, knowledge and skills that are in demand today. The evolution towards a digital environment is essential and was Laura Fahndrich, director of Human Resources of The Adecco Group, who first addressed the issue. “In 2025, 90% of jobs will need digital skills”, he pointed out at the beginning of the event.

“We are faced with a historic moment of change”, continued explaining Ana Millán, territorial manager of Madrid of the Bertelsmann Foundation. Undoubtedly, this moment of change has been the result of the globalization, digitization and life expectancy. Three pillars on which the digital age is based and a world connected with a growing population that, if we want to achieve an economic balance, he will have to work until old age.

Skills to be successful in a digital job

Hiring teams used to look at experience, but now they focus on ability to improve and learn of the candidates. If we start from the basis that the human being is going to die later and later, working life will become longer and longer and will force the employee to be constantly recycling. The most precious thing a digital worker should have will be these three capabilities:

1. Learning ability

2. Digital transformation capacity

3. Capacity for evolution and exposure to technology

Modern companies want proactive employees, with innovation initiative and that they are immersed in continuous learning. Furthermore, it is essential to generate a personal brand, and it is that, this aspect is one of the most attractive at the time of hiring. The selection teams of large companies look into the eyes in interviews and look for the more personal and subjective aspect of the candidate. Now you have some more clues for your next interview. Luck.