The implants of the future could carry artificial bone

What will the implants of the future look like? Mexican scientists develop artificial bone to avoid problems of rejection of biomedical sensors.

From wearable technology to electronic tattoos, advancement in R&D has allowed us to hack into our own body. The goal is none other than take care of our health. For example, patients with diabetes could measure their blood glucose level thanks to sensors stuck to the skin. In that sense, implants of the future they have become a great hope.

Today science has imagined multiple scenarios where these biosensors could have application. From cancer research to solving childhood deafness problems, the implants of the future will make our lives easier.

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They have before them multiple challenges to overcome. And is that the placement of external sensors, alien to our body, can be rejected by the immune system. These rejection problems, similar to those that occur in organ transplantation, could be solved thanks to materials science and engineering.

Biocompatible materials to avoid rejection problems

In this sense, scientists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico have proposed to develop biocompatible materials that were accepted by the body. The idea is that these synthetic compounds present a chemical and porous structure similar to that of our bones, with the aim of confusing the defensive cells.

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For this reason, they decided to develop artificial bone that would serve to ‘wrap’ the implants of the future. In this way, as José Rogelio Rodríguez Talavera explains, “when the phagocytes or other structures that the body uses to protect itself arrive, they recognize it as their own and do not intervene in the sensor’s operation.”

In this way, the manufacture of biocompatible materials serves to trick the immune system itself, preventing it from attacking biomedical devices. The use of artificial bone by these Mexican scientists could allow the development of temperature, pressure or pH sensors.

Without a doubt, the implants of the future will mark a turning point in medicine. Collaborators of this research group are beginning to use devices to measure temperature differences, with the aim of improving the early diagnosis of breast cancer. This is just one of the examples that we will see in the future. With biocompatible materials like this artificial bone, its arrival is closer and closer.

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Images | DarkoStojanovic (Pixabay), Patrick Siemer (Wikimedia)

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