The Huawei console may be on the way. PS5 and Xbox take care!

Several sources have pointed to Huawei’s entry into the gaming market, with ready-made models for its laptops on the way. However, a new source suggests that a Huawei console could be developed to compete with PlayStation. 5 and the Xbox Series X.

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Details about Huawei’s console are scant and may even be speculation. But, according to the source, Chinese technology will create a system with the power to rival Sony and Microsoft consoles, opening the door to an x86 processing system.

The possibility that Huawei uses processors designed by itself with ARM architecture is not ruled out, since the Nintendo Switch uses this type of technology. Still, to rival the PS5 or Xbox, Huawei’s console will need a much more powerful processor than the Switch’s.

An example that has been given as the basis for this possibility is the Huawei MateStation B515, which uses the ARM HiSilicon Kunpeng 920 processor and an AMD Radeon 430 GPU. If the new console uses a similar system with a superior graphics card, here may be a Serious case to compete with PS5 and Xbox.

This will not be Huawei’s first console

Despite becoming a novelty in the gaming market, the Huawei console that we are discussing here is not the TRON model released in 2014. This console was equipped with a Tegra 4 processor and ran the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system. .

This console has never seen stores outside the Chinese market and its capabilities were somewhat limited for what is required of a console that wants to compete with Sony and Microsoft products, so the new Huawei console should bring other arguments.

On the other hand, plans to enter the gaming market should initially go through laptops. Before selling its subsidiary Honor, the game project was already underway with the launch of the Honor Hunter V700 with very interesting features. With the sale of this company, Huawei will be able to launch a proposal in its own name, becoming one more manufacturer to bet on this sector.

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