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The future of entertainment with the advent of the metaverse

The future of entertainment with the advent of the metaverse

Facebook’s recent entry into the metaverse has certainly brought to the fore a project that has been around for years, but for some strange reason has never gone mainstream. What is the metaverse you may be wondering, right? There is no definition, as it can simply be considered the successor to the Internet. Just think of the computers of the past, the size of an entire room and now easily consulted in the palm of our hands. The metaverse is the natural step forward: a virtual environment with which to interact. IS a computer interface become a reality.

We are therefore at a turning point, the moment when everything becomes digital. We are talking about a technology that offers flexibility, interactivity and a much deeper experience than we would have expected: everything you can do in real life can be recreated in virtual.

How entertainment changes

Through an avatar you can interface with virtualized reality, a place parallel to the physical world, as thought by Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, the social network that has now become a Meta. Think of the internet as an immense container, within which you are endless virtual worlds populated by avatars who, in the near future, will be able to attend hybrid offices, online social communities and why not, perhaps attend a live event in a virtual ******. All without leaving home. After all, many online casinos, while not yet immersed in the metaverse, offer services that they bring the user closer to a more engaging and “virtual” reality. At this point, let’s focus on the opportunities offered by online casinos, such as live gaming sessions.

Put simply, an online experience with a live dealer. A live ****** is shown via a live video streaming link, with a real table. Online players can bet on their computers, and communicate with the dealer using the chat feature. Some tables even use a special camera to create a virtual reality that, thanks to high definition, gives an experience even more like that of a live ******.

Source: Unsplash.com

Let’s talk now about the metaverse. This has certainly changed the cards, forcing the entertainment industry to adapt to the new environment. Around the end of 2021, the global online ******** market surpassed $ 74 billion, and it should reach 158.20 billion over the next six years. The eSports are then more and more appreciated, and there are massive uses of VR and AR technology to improve the entertainment experience; data in hand, it is not surprising that all industry experts agree that the metaverse will change the online ******** industry forever. In fact, some companies are already working on integrating casinos and betting into the metaverse, which will allow users and their avatars to play while exploring.

The necessary to enter the metaverse

Meta, Nike, Minecraft and many other companies have expressed the will to build their metaverse, to which people will access through virtual reality glasses like Meta’s Oculus. It’s no longer a gamble: the metaverse is becoming as important as the real world. On the other hand, it is clear that the future goes in that direction. Suffice it to say that many entrepreneurs have started buying virtual land, and the sale is quite simple: you pay directly to the proposing platform or through a developer. No notary, no transcripts.

“You can decorate the environment you bought, you can change it, you can renovate it. Just change the code. ”Says Janine Yorio, owner of the virtual real estate development company Republic Realm.

Source: Pixabay.com

The opportunities that this new technology has created just by coming into being are endless, and they range from having created new jobs, to bring people together like no other platform has ever done before; we could meet with distant relatives and friends, visit a museum together, go to a football match at the stadium. Virtuality could also help many older people or those who are homebound by giving them the opportunity to go out, even if it doesn’t happen in the traditional physical sense, and spend time differently. The uses are endlessand we are limited only by our imagination.