The electric motorcycles of the future

What will the motorcycles of the future be like? If you are passionate about motor, you should know that the electric drive will be the trend of the future. Harley-Davidson, BMW and Vespa are some of the great companies that have joined the electric transportation revolution.

Cities are increasingly congested by traffic and pollution, and many citizens are turning to other forms of transportation that go through ditching gasoline or diesel motor vehicles. What will they be like in the future? If you are passionate about the motor, fortunately or unfortunately, the future looks precipitous to the electric drive. It is a fact, the market for electric motorcycles and scooters is booming, and continuous and stable growth is expected in the coming years.

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According to the report ‘Motorcycles and Scooters’ by the consultancy Navigant Research, sales of electric motorcycles will reach 55 million between 2015 and 2024. “Although purchase prices remain relatively high and availability is limited in some regions, electric scooters offer an affordable and efficient mode of personal transportation for motorists, especially in booming cities,” argued the Navigant Research research analyst. , Ryan citron.

There is no doubt that this sector has great opportunities and that the motorcycles and cars of the future will be electric. 53% of executives in the automotive sector believe that diesel will be the first propulsion technology to disappear, according to the Global Automotive Report 2017 prepared by KMPG. In this sense, the sector faces three trends for 2025: continue with the evolution of the current market; face the revolution of the digital ecosystem, and overcome the disruption of advances in the field of mobility that come from the hand of electric transport, connectivity and digitization. What do you think about these advances? 78% believe that the real novelty in electric vehicles will come from hydrogen fuel cells, since they charge quickly at any gas station.

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Five electric motorcycles that will have a great tour

  1. Harley-Davidson Livewire

Sucks, leather, patches and motorcycles. If you are a true biker, you have always dreamed of riding your own Harley. In its mission to continue being the leading company in terms of motorcycles, in 2014 Harley-Davidson presented the ‘Livewire’ project to bring its first electric motorcycle to the world and toured the American geography so that users could test, first-hand , this model. Later, the company traveled to Canada and Europe with the same intention. The objective? Collect information on all the needs and impressions that arose to create the perfect motorcycle. So it has been. The power of its three-phase motor is approximately 55Kw, which is equivalent to about 75 horsepower. Acceleration is less than four seconds to 100 km / h with a limited speed of 150 km / h. What will its price be? It will be around between 20,000 and 30,000 euros, although we still have to wait until 2021 to enjoy a new trip with Harley-Davidson.

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Source: Harley – Davidson

  1. BMW MotorradVisionNext 100

What do you think the motorcycle of the future will be like? As if it were a science fiction movie, BMW has dared and created ‘BMW MotorradVisionNext 100’, the futuristic motorcycle that you had imagined. Batman’s motorcycle next to him will look like an heirloom. Without the need for a helmet, with light clothing and complete balance, these are some of the aspects that could revolutionize the motor world, increasingly digitized. It has a self-balancing mechanism that allows the bike to maintain verticality at all times and would prevent the rider from falling to the ground.

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As for the smart suit, it adapts to the temperature, vibrates to warn you of dangers and indicates the navigation data. You don’t need to wear a helmet, but you do need a connected visor that covers the entire field of vision and provides the driver with information on road conditions. In this way, if the pilot looks up, a rear-view mirror function is activated so that it does not affect his field of vision.

The electric motorcycles of the future

Source: BMW

  1. Fenris motorcycles

The company is developing an electric motorcycle that could reach 300 km / h and go from 0 to 100 in three seconds. The Danes set out to create ‘racing’ bikes, with sharp handling and quite peculiar sporty behavior. The final weight will oscillate the 195 kilos and, of them, 11.8 would be of the engine. There are still no official data on autonomy, but it is rumored that more than 200 kilometers per charge, on a motorcycle that will have 200 horses. At first, Fenris Motorcycles plans to produce a circulation of 500 units that will hit the market in 2019. There is nothing left for lovers of two wheels!

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The electric motorcycles of the future

Source: The Country

  1. Electric Vespa

If there is a brand that has always been true to itself, it is Vespa. One of the quintessential Italian icons, the star of such iconic films as ‘Roman Holidays’, and whose origin dates back to spring 2016, Vespa has known how to adapt to changes. Under the name Vespa Elettrica, the scooter firm will launch the first electric model on the market in the second half of 2017. It will be a true Vespa, which will retain style, ease of use and agility, but will combine it with connectivity solutions innovative. Its characteristics, as well as its price, are still unknown but there is nothing left to discover.

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The electric motorcycles of the future

Source: Vespa

  1. Torrot E12

And for the little ones in the house … Torrot E12 arrives, the Spanish motorcycle for children between 6 and 9 years old. It is an evolution of the company’s much more powerful E10 model, with longer-travel suspensions and ergonomics adapted to the growth of the child. With a programmable power of 600 to 1,500 W, it is ready to get the most out of the pilot for only 1,790 euros. It reaches a maximum speed of 52 km and has a range in the city of 30 km.

The electric motorcycles of the future

Source: Torrot

Using an electric motorcycle has certain advantages, among which respect for the environment stands out. The renting of the motorcycle does not emit toxic gas because it works with electricity, so it does not expel C02, one of the gases that causes the greenhouse effect. Another great advantage is the silence, unless you are passionate about the roar of the engine. Electric motorcycles are silent and avoid the problem of noise pollution, which can affect the quality of life of many people, especially in large cities. An alternative mobility solution that will save you costs while contributing to the improvement of your city.

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