The eagles, the soldiers of the future

The dutch police is well aware that the war against terrorism is already being waged on a technological level, with the drones as one of the fundamental tools. To do this, they have specialized agents in their elimination.

The use of drones, for personal or professional reasons, it is spreading at a dizzying rate. Until now, the main concerns were based on the danger they posed to pedestrians flying overhead, or the fear that they could disrupt air traffic.

The most recent data, provided by the State air safety agency (AESA), state that since 2014 they have registered more than a thousand operators drone flight light. And just in the last six months, the number of them has doubled.

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The main activities for which operators apply for their flight license focus on the photography, filming and aerial surveys, closely followed by activities of search and rescue. What’s more, 21 organizations They already have the authorization by the manufacturers to teach the practical classes of drone pilots.

Due to the growth that the sector is experiencing, the Dutch police are focusing on the ability of these unmanned devices to directly attack buildings, or even transport bombs. His idea is to fight it by means of ‘law enforcement’ very peculiar.

Eagles: new weapons for new threats

Dutch security forces have started training Eagles for a very specific mission: shoot down the drones that they consider dangerous to national security.

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The initiative is based on precedents such as that of 2015 in Japan, when a drone allegedly carrying radioactive sand landed directly on the office of the Prime Minister. On 2013, some alarm also arose when a cybercriminal hacked a drone near the place where Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, was delivering a speech.

The eagles, the soldiers of the future

The project is led by Guard From Above, one of the most important companies specialized in raptors. Obviously, one of the sine qua non requirements for the continuity of the challenge is to ensure that the eagles do not suffer any harm unnecessary when attacking ‘enemy’ drones.

These intelligent animals, thanks to as if, the back of their legs, are capable of transporting prey much larger and heavier than themselves. In addition, they have the natural advantage that instinctively they avoid the propellers when attacking, since it is the only element that could cause them any damage.

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With a quick glance at this video, it becomes clear that the eagles are more than capable of taking down one of these devices without much effort.

From the organization, they train the animals to don’t just tear down drones, but also to be treated as if they were dam it was, capturing them and transporting them to the ‘base of operations’. Here’s the proof that the workouts are on the right track.

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