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The BlackBerry 5G may never arrive

The BlackBerry 5G may never arrive

OnwardMobilitya technology startup, announced in August 2020 who was working on developing a new smartphone with the brand BlackBerry. Few details have been revealed about the device, other than the presence of a physical keyboard and half of the 2021 as the launch date. This did not happen and now the company has reached a significant obstacle.

Kevin Michaluk, founder from CrackBerry, reports that the BlackBerry 5G phone under development is dead. He wrote in a post on the forum: “We’ll see if they actually post a formal update on their blog or not, but I guess John Chen / BlackBerry would rather just walk away and at this point it’s probably best for all of us to forget about this train wreck.”

OnwardMobility has not publicly confirmed the claim: thelast statement of the company was a January, where he reassured that the phone was still under development. The post said, “While we are experiencing various delays that have prevented us from launching in 2021, we will be providing more regular updates starting this month that will clarify and answer many of your questions about the ultra-secure 5G business smartphone.”