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The best technology and science books to give away at Christmas

The best technology and science books to give away at Christmas

Christmas is coming and we are all preparing our gift list. Many will have included a book on their list. We leave you some recommendations on science and technology that will surprise you…

At this time of year many users do not know what to give to their family and friendsBut this time it won’t happen like that. We tell you what are the best technology and science books that you can give this Christmas.

The sky with binoculars from the city, by Alejandro Mediolagoitia

Surely many of our readers would like observe the firmament no need to travel to the outskirts of the townwhere the levels of Light pollution they’re short.

the astronomer Alexander Mediolagoitia explains that it is not necessary to have a telescope to be able to observe the cosmosand that we can see these celestial bodies with some binoculars in the city.

Yabai! Great video games that stayed in Japan, by David Bosca

There are great curiosities related to the world of video game. Even the Telefonica Foundation has an exhibition Video game. both sides of the screen which explains how this form of entertainment It has made a dent in today’s society.

Japan has become a country of reference in video game. This industry has evolved rapidly, with the appearance of companies such as Nintendo, Capcom and Konami.

One of the technology books we recommend is this tribute to the industry gamingwhere he explains which are the titles that were created in Japan, but, for one reason or another, did not reach the western market.

The Witcher Saga by Andrezej Sapkowski

Do you like novels based on a fantastic world in the style of Game of Thrones? Well, we recommend the novels of The Witcher.

Surely many users will be familiar with this title because of the video gamebut thanks to these novels video games emerged and Serie with the same name, which is available at Netflix.

This saga tells the story of a series of characters centered on the sorcerer Geralt of Riviaone of the last sorcerers of the Land.

The Bubble Filter: How the Web Decides What We Read and Think by Eli Pariser

We currently live in a connected society. All users are immersed in the social media And in the digital platforms.

This book explains how we are affected by contents other users post, and how algorithms of the social media they create a bubble where consumers only receive certain information.

Life 3.0: What It Means to Be Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, by Max Tegmark

The Artificial intelligence is one of the novelties in technology of recent years. Thanks to its development it will be possible to create vehicles or smart cities in the next years.

It should be said that we already have these technologies within our reach. For example, it is the case of Aurathe Artificial intelligence from Telephonewhich has revolutionized the concept of ecosystem smart in thousands of homes.

Max Tegmarkexplains in Life 3.0 the optimism of technology in a simple way to understand what will be part of our daily life.

A scientist in the supermarket. A journey through the science of small things, by José Manuel López Nicolás

The social media have become a loudspeaker to transmit news. Unfortunately, there are cases where the information is fakegenerating the so called fake news.

With this book we can clarify the world of science in everyday topics such as a tennis match, a lottery draw, and even what the labels of the Supermarket.

The ringtone: The Exploring the rise and fall of Nokia, by Yves Doz and Keeley Wilson

nokia was one of the most influential companies in the industry mobile telephony. A company that after so many years innovating with its mobiles ended up in oblivion being one of the most important events of the sector.

Currently this company continues to create terminals that have meant a revolution in the market of mobile telephony.

This book explains how this company managed to bring to his country, Finlandto the top and face the world powers of United States or other European countries.

Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov

If we have to talk about technology and science books, we must include this great title to our list.

This trilogy is considered as the best saga of Science fiction of history, and thanks to its creation, the films that we know of this genre have been based on it.

This novel tells the story of human beingwhich has managed to expand throughout the universe creating an Empire that is doomed to barbarism.

Next year will be the centenary of the author’s birth, and many distributors have special offers of this trilogy so acclaimed by the science.

As you have seen many science and technology books are exciting and can be a perfect gift for this Christmas. What are you waiting for to give one away?