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The best apps to plan and enjoy this summer

The best apps to plan and enjoy this summer

Less than a few days before summer begins and we are already going crazy ‘designing’ the ones that will be our next vacation.

Hotels, trips, flights, rural houses, excursions, children, pets… There are so many things that we have to manage that, sometimes, we get overwhelmed by all the paperwork that is supposed to be done. organize a family or friends trip. Therefore, today we want to provide you with a series of applications that can be useful at any time during the process and for all types of trips, whether alone, as a couple or as a family.

Packing your luggage will no longer be a problem

One of the things that The most lazy thing we all get is, without a doubt, packing our bags TRUE? But not only because of the act of folding and storing clothes, but only because of having to think about everything we have to take on a trip, and, if we have small children on top of that, much more hassle, etc.

Well, for this there is a fantastic application that my television colleague, Manuel Moreno, Trecebits, recommended to me a few days ago, called PackPoint. This application will help us pack by simply telling the destination where we are going, the days of travel, and what we will do there (tourism, diving, dining out, playing golf, etc.)

The app is capable of calculate the time it will take and recommend things like the ‘number of changes’ that we must take, the number of shirts, shorts, pants, as well as all the objects that we are going to need to put in our luggage. It creates a personalized list for us and we can mark when we introduce each object in the suitcase. That way we won’t be able to forget anything this year!

If you don’t know languages… we help you!

According to the data offered at the beginning of the year, 75% of Spaniards were going to travel abroad in 2022, and with the United States (34%), Italy (26%), Portugal (20%), plus France, the Caribbean and Japan (19%) as favorite destinations. But, of course, not all of us are lucky enough to master all languages ​​and be able to get around cities as if we were ‘bilingual’. But for everything there is a solution: deepl.

This is one of the best translators as it is based on AI (ahead of Google and other search engines). It offers the possibility of translating into 26 languages ​​and is especially good at colloquial expressions. We will be able to translate in real time while someone is speaking to us or while we are recording an audio, or take an image capture of something we see on the street and have it translate what the text says. It is a wonder!

Our pets should always be in the best hands

When we have pets and we cannot take them on vacation it is a problem. The first, because we never know who to leave them with and, the second, because of the sadness of knowing if they will be okay or not. To find the best ‘home’ for our faithful companion for those vacation days, without a doubt, the two best applications are Gudog Y Rover.

with any of them you can consult thousands of profiles of caregivers by location, see the services and rates offered by each one. You can find from accommodation that includes night and day, day care (10 hours during the day), one hour walks, etc. I myself used it the first summer with Lucas and, since then, Arancha is my dog’s ‘second mom’ when I have to travel for work or teach.

If you already have a family member or friend who stays with your pet at home or even stays at your house and you only have to go and feed and drink it, barkio app It will help you monitor your dog or cat in real time. This application retransmits us and allows us to communicate with him remotely! For this we only need 2 devices: any phone, tablet or laptop (they can be old) connected to the Internet at home where our pet is and the Barkio app on the other mobile. One device stays at home and the second device we will use to control the dog or cat at any time. We will be able to talk remotely to calm him down or prevent him from disobeying or pre record our voice messages and use them when necessary.

If, on the other hand, you are one of those who cannot leave your pets at home (out of love or out of necessity) and want to travel with them, with BringFido you will be able to consult all the information of the place where you go, especially if it is abroad. It is the #1 trusted app for dog owners looking for information about the best hotels, attractions, beaches, parks and restaurants that accept pets. The only ‘but’ is that it is in English…

The trip, safely, information and responsibility

If you travel by train, bus or coach, surely the trip is going to be very long, therefore, having an application to being able to read or listen to podcasts It will be of great help to you. With Storytel You can have a large number of audiobooks and ebooks on your mobile, tablet, Chromecast and WearOS watch. It is available in more than 25 countries, including local and international stories in different languages.

If you travel with your own car, so that you do not have to carry your documentation, your license and other things in your wallet or purse, then there is nothing better than downloading MyDGTthe official application of the DGT for centralize everything related to your car. You will be able to digitize your driving licence, car documentation and ITV, see and pay your traffic fines. You can also carry out procedures such as assigning a regular driver or paying the fees directly from your mobile.

And if you need to know all the information about city transport where you are, regardless of the country, Moovit is the world’s first urban mobility app. Whether you are going to travel by train, metro, bus, light rail, or ferries, or if you are going to use scooters, bicycles, motorcycles, you are going to share the ride in Uber, Moovit guides you from point A to point B in the form easier. It offers us all the train, metro and bus schedules, maps, arrival times in real time so that you can plan your route with confidence.

It is time to enjoy the gastronomy and landscapes of the place…

And what to eat? What are the best restaurants or the most interesting for their cuisine? Well, for that, without a doubt, the best application that can help us is TheFork.

TheFork find the best restaurants wherever you go, getting inspired by thousands of opinions and enjoying discounts of up to 50%. The latest openings in your city, that restaurant that you cannot miss in all your destinations or the best gastronomic corner to celebrate every moment.

If you are more into the beach than the mountains or tourist visits, and if you spend your summer holidays in a coastal area, with iBeach you will have the perfect application. It gives us very complete information about the minimum and maximum temperature of the day and the area, the intensity of UV rays, information about the tides, we will see the hourly forecast, wind and water information, wave height, etc. In addition, there is information about the sunset and sunrise, in case you want to make a romantic statement…

For the little (and not so much) astronomers of the house

And speaking of ‘romanticism’… what could be more beautiful than walking in summer under a starry night? Well, knowing what stars and galaxies we are seeing, right? And that will solve it for us star walka educational astronomy application that brings us closer to the beauties of the universe and to astronomy turning the mobile device into the astronomical telescope. With Star Walk it doesn’t matter where you look at the stars from, you can choose your favorite spot and enjoy the moment.